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Case Study: October 15, 2017
My first meeting with the principal of North Elementary School consisted of us
discussing of where she would like to put me to observe a child for a case study. She highly
recommended that I go to Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten classroom to observe “John.” This child had
a history of hitting, then spitting on the teacher and causing a total disruption throughout the
class time. I knew right away that I should go to her classroom to see for myself exactly what is
troubling the child. The principal also informed me that this child was adopted and he had an
older sister who is severely handicapped.
My first visit to John’s classroom consisted of me getting a feel for the environment and
see how John acts in this environment. I noticed that John sat in a desk, by himself, facing the
wall, beside Mrs. Lee’s desk. I wondered if that was a good idea or a bad idea. I wasn’t really
sure at the time. I also wondered if he might be a social isolate. Social isolate is a person who
seldom, if ever, interact with peers or who may attempt to interact but are rejected(Charlesworth
Not long after I got settled in, all of the children moved to the carpet. John was sitting
still and listening to Mrs. Lee while sucking his thumb. Mrs. Lee began reading a story that had
what she called “sight words” and she instructed the children to try to find them. Once one was
spotted, she would call on a child to answer the question and to point out the sight word. John
raised his hand every time to try to answer the question but he always talked out while raising his
hand so Mrs. Lee never called on him. When another child would point out a sight word, John
would say, “I was gunna do that one!!” or “Why not me?” or “Why don’t I get to go?”
John would always try to participate in every group activity that they did and he would
try to win Mrs. Lee’s approval. As Mrs. Lee started to read full sentences, she asked John what
to put at the end of a sentence...

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