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Case Study Report Gm On Star

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ABSTRACT 4PART ONE INTRODUCTION 41.1 HISTORY OF GM COMPANY 41.2 ONSTAR PRODUCT 51.3 CASE OVERVIEW 51.3.1 THE KEY DECISION THE PROJECT TEAM MADE IN 1997 ARE: 51.3.2 ACHIEVEMENT TILL 2002 61.3.3 EVALUATION OF DECISIONS OF 1997 6PART TWO KEY PROBLEMS 7PART THREE SITUATION ANALYSIS 93.1 THE U.S. ECONOMY 93.2 TELEMATICS MARKET ANALYSIS 103.3 CUSTOMER ANALYSIS 113.3.1 POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS 113.3.2 MARKET SEGMENT & CUSTOMER PROFILE 123.3 COMPETITORS ANALYSIS 123,4 SWOT ANALYSIS 12PART FOUR TURNAROUND STRATEGIES 144.1 STRATEGIC POSITION 144.1.1 MISSION STATEMENT OF GM AND ONSTAR 144.1.2 POSITIONING 144.1.3 OBJECTIVES OF NEXT FIVE YEARS OF ONSTAR 144.2 CUSTOMER RETENTION STRATEGIES: 154.2.1 RELATIONSHIP STRATEGY 154.2.2 SWITCHING-BARRIERS STRATEGY 164.3 SALES STRATEGY 174.4 STRATEGIC ALLIANCES 17OBTAIN THE GOVERNMENT AND SOCIAL SUPPORT 17INTEGRATED OTHER SUBSTITUTIVE SERVICE COMPANIES 184.5 MARKETING PLAN: 184.5.1 MARKETING MIX 18ADD A NEW SERVICE FOCUS--CONSULTING FOR AUTOMOBILE COMPANIES 214.6 FINANCIAL ANALYSIS: 274.6.1 REVENUE STREAMS 274.6.2 COST ANALYSIS: 284.6.3 CVP ANALYSIS 30CONCLUSION 31REFERENCES: 31AbstractThis report is constructed of three parts.Part One is intended to introduce the background of Parent Company--GM and OnStar Company, the feature of the OnStar product and service and overview this case then gives a brief evaluation of the strategies that GM made in 1997 when GM first decided to occupy the telematics market.Part Two is the analysis of key problems OnStar is facing.Part Three is the situation analysis, including the U.S. economy and the vision of telematics market.Part Four is the detailed five-year-strategies based on previous achievement that OnStar has made in telematics over past ten years and the new development of telematics market and economic. In this stage, we suggested customer retention strategy combined with marketing plan for OnStar.Part One Introduction1.1 History of GM CompanyGeneral Motors Corp. (NYSE: GM), the world's largest automaker, has been the global industry sales leader since 1931. It has manufacturing operations in 32 countries and its vehicles are sold in 200 countries. In 2004, GM sold nearly 9 million cars and trucks globally, up 4 percent and the second-highest total in the company's history. In China, GM's second-largest market in 2004, GM's sales increased 27 percent and set a company record . (Http//:www.GMautomobil manufactorers.1.2 OnStar ProductOnStar is GM's two-way vehicle communication system that provides a variety of services enhancing safety, security, entertainment, and productivity.OnStar combines a number of interlocking elements, including:1. Hardware consisting of a cellular phone, a GPS receiver, and modem, integrated into the vehicle's electrical system2. A call center staffed by well-trained representatives able to call up the vehicle location and other information in real time3. A collection of services that a drive can access through this system1.3 Case OverviewIn 1997, GM...

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