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CONTENT1 Executive Summary 12 Company Description 23 Objective 24 Important Issues 34.1 Production Operations 34.2 Marketing and Distribution 44.2.1 Non-financial Part 44.2.2 Financial Part 54.2.3 Five Forces 64.3 Human Resources 84.4 Workforce 84.4.1 Non-financial Part 84.4.2 Financial Part 84.4.3 Special Issue 104.5 Local and State Government 104.5.1 Non-financial Part 104.5.2 Financial Part 114.5.3 Special Issue 125 Financial Analysis 125.1 Project Evaluation 125.2 Quantitative Analysis for Moving Temperature-Sensing Line 135.3 Quantitative Analysis for selling Pressure-Sensing Line 156 Stakeholders Group 166.1 Alan Bose 176.2 Mike Marchant 176.3 Susan Lowell 176.4 Peter Taranto 186.5 Ned Creigher 197 Final Decision Estimation 198 Recommendation 209 Reference 2410 Appendix 2510.1 Appendix 1 2510.2 Appendix 2 2610.3 Appendix 3 2710.4 Appendix 4 271 Executive SummaryHalsey-Evans is an industrial product manufacturer located in New Brunswick, NJ. It has two major product lines, producing temperature- and pressure-sensing components. The majority of temperature-sensing component sales are to motor vehicle manufacturers (OEMs), aftermarket retailers, and repair shops. (Gil B. Manzon Jr, 2005)Halsey-Evans was acquired in February 1997 by Mechanical Products, a midsized, publicly traded industrial manufacturer specializing in automotive tools and parts. Mechanical Products was a major customer of Halsey-Evans and these two companies shared similar distribution channels. (Gil B. Manzon Jr, 2005)The purpose of this report is to make a decision of if relocating the Halsey-Evans company's temperature-sensing line from New Brunswick, NJ to the Mechanical Products' Evansville, IN, site and selling the pressure-sensing product line or not. Firstly, we are considering the qualitative advantages and disadvantages of the both choices from five important parts: production operations, marketing and distribution, human resources, workforce and even local and state governments. Then, we will estimate the benefit and the cost of relocating the company in the next 10 years from the quantitative financial part in three scenarios (best case, most likely and worst case). Finally, we are going to consider the different options from five stakeholders then in all we will estimate the final decision that the Halsey-Evans temperature-sensing line will not be moved and the pressure-sensing line will be maintained.2 Company DescriptionHalsey-Evans is an industrial product manufacturer located in New Brunswick, NJ which was acquired in February 1997 by Mechanical Products, a midsized, publicly traded industrial manufacturer specializing in automotive tools and parts. Halsey-Evans has two major product lines, producing temperature- and pressure-sensing components and Mechanical Products was a major customer of Halsey-Evans, remarking approximately 30% of the Halsey-Evans temperature-sensing output. These two companies shared similar distribution channels, with the majority of...

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