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Case Study Robank Netherlands

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Work organisation and innovation
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Case study: Rabobank, Netherlands

Background to the organisation
Nature of the innovation
Impact on employees
Impact on the organisation

Rabobank Nederland (RN) is part of Rabobank Group, which provides financial services and insurance. It is the largest
financial services provider in the Netherlands. The group operates in 47 countries and has an employee base of 59,670
full-time equivalents (FTE). In the Netherlands RN has an employee base of 6,800 FTE, which is more or less equal to
8,500 employees. RN is a cooperative, located in Utrecht, and the administrative centre for 139 (2011) local cooperative
Rabobanks. The local banks are not branches of RN as each of them has its own banking licence from the central
Nederlandsche Bank. The joint employee base of the local Rabobanks is 27,000 FTE. The 139 local Rabobanks, RN and
affiliates, provide services to some 10 million clients, including 1.9 million members (Rabobank Annual Report, 2011).
Founded in 1898, the group has been called Rabobank since the merger in 1972 between the trade bank Raiffeisenbank
and the farmers' bank Boerenleenbank ('Rabo' is a contraction of the first two letters of each bank's name). Being a
cooperative, Rabobank is not listed on the stock exchange.
Rabobank's strategic core objectives for 2009-2012 were to become the market leader in the Netherlands, to build on
Rabobank's position as the world's leading international food and agri bank, and to achieve further growth at, and greater
synergy with, the subsidiaries of Rabobank Group. Rabobank is the leader in the Dutch mortgage market. Rabobank
wants to be the most customer-oriented and innovative financial institution in the Netherlands.
The strategy is to deliver support and better customer service at lower costs to the local Rabobanks and affiliated
companies. The customer focus was enforced in 2010 by appointing four result-oriented areas: good products, tailored
advice, good service and a balanced mode of advising without unnecessary sales incentives. Quality as regards good
products and services means clearly responding to the real customer's needs and to provide transparent information. The
diversification of financial products and services secures the bank's financial stability. During 2011 the range of services
offered through direct channels was extended such as the use of social media and interactive television. The client service
model has been further adapted in order to enable the local banks to respond effectively to the changing needs of their
Background to the organisation
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The innovation described in this case study is an...

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