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Case Study: Sorzal Strategy To Stay On Top (Reputable) Nationally

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MEMOTO: Dr. T.O' Connor V.P. MarketingFrom: Sorzal DistributorsDate: May 15, 2004Subject: Sorzal Strategy To Stay On Top (reputable) nationallyPurpose and Overview of this ReportThe purpose of this report is to develop a strategy for Sorzal a reputable and a competitive distributor of authentic southern Jewelry and pottery. To maintain our expandtion of a product line that also includes pre-Columbian artifacts from Peru and Venezuela and tribal and burial artifacts from Africa.Recommendations· That Sorzal develop an art education program to educate buyers formally and sublimely· Expose fake replicas in the market through research and product development internally· Keep close relationship with artifact originatorsAnalysis of Past and Current SituationsBecause Sorzal is a more authentic distributor of those past products (southern jewelry and pottery) we strategies to maintain that position while expanding nationally with the addition of new products (pre- Columbian and Venezuelan artifacts along with burial artifacts from Africa we are looking to capitalize on the replica market from original products.External Opportunities we could exploitReplica's market that we can exploit will be based in a quality product from authentic images. This move enabling Sorzal to corner the replica's market with "fine art " images.The distribution of replicas helps us educate another disadvantage segment of the population who otherwise would have not experienced the feel of this type of artistry.External Threats that May Impede SuccessThe chance of the market being flooded with inferior artifacts (replicas)The buying public not being able to keep up with what is real art and what is not because of false advertising and being caught up in the "sizzle."Internal...

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