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Case Study: Spanish Class At Granada High

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The Academic Performance Index (API) for Granada high was based on three years ranks: 2010 (9), 2011 (9), and 2012 (9). Similar School API Ranks were 4, 7, and 6 respectively. For the entire population, 5.30% were ELL learners, 16.10% socioeconomic disadvantage, and 8.50% students with disabilities. In addition, Granada High School offer honors classes, they are well known for their multiple sports, and their incredible infrastructure.
The special services that they provide to their student are Migrant Education Program, Native American Education, Special Education, GATE Program services, Intervention, Summer School, TV/TIP and new teacher support, Peer Assistance Review, high school counselors, Two-Way bilingual programs, Special Education, SDC (Special Day Classes), interpreters, translators, and ELL program. According to Granada’s report, the staff provides support to the needs of all students regardless their ethnicity or disability. Banks et al., (2012) said that any institution should “assume that students are capable of learning complex material and performing at a high level of skill. Each student has a personal, unique learning style that teachers discover and build on when teaching. Cooperative learning is fostered, and both boys and girls are treated equally in a nonsexist manner. A staff as diverse as possible is hired and assigned responsibilities nonstereotypically (p. 50). I certainly believe that Granada High Schools provides with a multidisciplinary opportunity for their students; however, I observed that Granada’s staff is not diverse at all.
For the observation, on April 18, I visited María Elena Ventura a Spanish teacher, who teaches Spanish for Spanish speakers and Spanish for language requirements for 9th to 12 grades. Her classes were divided in periods of 90 minutes with a changing period of 15 minutes. I had the fortune to stay for 3 periods in duration of 5 hours. Freshman composed the first period and they were foreign language learners. The diversity of first Ventura’s class was ninety percent Caucasian, five percent Asian and five percent other races, boys were more than girls. Ventura’s first period topic was the Direct Object and verb tenses in Spanish, she divided the class with the following:
Warm Up
(20 min) Check homework (20 min) Lecture
(30 min) Activities
(15 min)
Review of the previous lesson Check the homework for reinforcement New Topic
Past Tense Worked in pairs for new topic and play wheel of fortune

I was impressed for Mrs. Ventura ability to engage the students with music and dance at eight in the morning. Previously, she gave the background about her first period class, her rules of mutual respect, and the way she handle the different learning styles. I like her capability to request her student’s attention and start a class when some of them seem apathetic to the subject. She recognizes them by their names, asked them how their family was, and I could feel the familiarity of her students with...

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