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Theodore Robert Bundy was born Theodore Robert Cowell on November 24, 1949.His mother, Louise Cowell was unmarried at the time, and the name of his biological father has never been determined with certainty, however Lloyd Marshall was named on his birth certificate. Louise moved into her parent’s home shortly after Ted’s birth and allowed him to be raised as her ‘brother’ for quite some time. When Ted’s mother married Johnnie Culpepper Bundy in May 1951 in Tacoma, Washington, when Theodore was four years old, Theodore took his step-father’s last name of Bundy.
Theodore Bundy lived an average life as far as is known, however his shyness and self-doubt made him a constant target for bullying in his younger years. During his high school years Ted’s popularity blossomed, but he was reluctant to date as he was more involved in extracurricular activities and work. He was never kept at one job too long however, as his employers considered him unreliable.
His work was not the only place where Ted was considered unreliable. When Theodore transferred from University of Tacoma to the University of Washington he met and fell in love with Stephanie Brooks. At first in this relationship all was well, “But Stephanie was pragmatic. It was wonderful to be in love, to have a college romance, to stroll through the wooded paths of the campus hand-in-hand…but she sensed that Ted was floundering, that he had no real plans, no real prospects for the future” (Rule, 2000). Much to Ted’s dismay, Stephanie soon broke this relationship off. Some claim that this is one of the many things that helped ease Theodore Bundy over the edge into homicidal rage, and most cite a similar description of Stephanie Brooks to the majority of his later victims.
For quite some time Ted excelled at life, his broken heart over Stephanie and learning the truth of his parentage seeming to have a reverse effect on him than most people. He studied psychology and received mostly A’s through his senior year. After graduating his psychology program Theodore Bundy eventually applied to and enrolled in Law School in Tacoma, Washington. He strived to win back the heart of his beloved Stephanie Brooks, all the while carrying on a relationship that had last over four years with a different woman Meg. Once Theodore was able to win Stephanie’s heart, and make her fall in love with him again he crushed her, much in the same way he believed that she had intentionally crushed him so many years before.
Sadly, this is when Theodore’s behavior seemed to take a turn for the worse. On January 5, 1974 Theodore Bundy viciously attacked a woman referred to as Joni Lenz, a pseudonym used to protect her true identity, in her basement apartment, beating her severely and then brutally raping her vaginally with a piece of her metal bedframe. The high from this outburst did not last long however, and on February 1, 1974 Theodore Bundy’s first confirmed kidnapping and probable homicide victim, Lynda Ann Healy, was...

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