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Case Study: The Real Leadership Lessons Of Steve Jobs

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Q1-Describe Job’s leadership style using the (Blake & Mouton) managerial grid?
A1- Blake and mouton’s two-dimensional theory recognise that leaders tend to focus on either product or people (or both).
I would consider Steve Jobs leadership style to be placed in the managerial grid as “Produce or Perish” this is due to Steve Jobs always being production focused, from the case with can see that Steve Jobs only cared about the end results and didn’t care about his employees as people see his “Reality Distortion Field as a euphemism for bullying and lying” because he would tended to scream and swear at his employees to get the job done “He would shout at a meeting, ‘You ***, you never do anything right.
However Steve Jobs leadership style could be classified as “Team” in the managerial grid because as his employees found him to be inspirational as he made his employees perform extraordinary feats “those who worked with him admitted that the trait, infuriating as it might be, led them to perform extraordinary feats”.
Overall I would say Steve Jobs would be placed in between “Produce or perish” and “Team” because he might be mainly production focused but Steve Jobs did care about his employees because he was able to inspire his staffs, also Steve Jobs gained more loyal staff then those CEOs who took the gentleman approach.

Q2 (A) - Assess Job’s leadership effectiveness as assessed by Apple’s shareholders?
A2 (A) - Shareholders any individual, company or other institution that owns a share of a company. Steve Jobs leadership was very effective if assessed by shareholders because at the end of the day Steve Jobs leadership was the key part of making Apple the most valuable brand in the world (according to Forbes “world most valuable brand” 2013). Corning CEO Wendell Weeks who were the main suppliers for Apple‘s IPad and IPhone display found Steve Jobs leadership style effective as he was shocked by the way Steve Jobs did business as he was able to inspire Weeks into getting Corning Inc. to produce an unready product for Apple within six months. Steve Jobs leadership style led to Apple being able to the Macintosh...


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