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Brief Description
Francis is a 54 year old man. He is chronically homeless due to difficulty maintaining a place to live. Francis is now living in a subway tunnel where he is sheltered from most of the harsh weather but still is exposed. He is suspicious of anyone that approaches him and worries about being put out by transit authority. According to his records, Francis has mild intellectual disabilities and may have cognitive impairments cause by a head injury. His sources of income include a small disability check and Medicaid. The outreach and engagement team has been in contact with Francis to improve his safety and to provide opportunities for other services.
Upon approaching Francis the two counselors introduce themselves and start to assess the client by trying to get to know him without becoming to invasive. The two counselors focus on building a relationship with Francis, by building this he felt comfortable receiving items, disclosing information and asking for items from the counselors. Over the course of four visits the counselors were able to provide Francis with food, materials during the inclement weather, information about shelters, contact information for help or support, and additional medical care. Overall the visits focused on relationship building, team work, patience, and respect for client autonomy. Progress was made but it is still the beginning for Mr. Francis and the team.
Client: Francis
Visit 1
I was sleeping when two guys approached; I was not sure who they were so I woke up confused. My first reaction was to grab up the few things that mattered most and try to move further away before they told me to leave. The guys were not dressed like cops or subway workers but they did not seem to belong down here with me. They seemed to take interest in me by introducing themselves but I still was not sure why they were around and what they wanted from me. I had to ask if they were police just to make sure because they wanted to know how I was doing. This seemed like a setup I do not trust too many people and I do not share my business with just anyone. I have not been down in the tunnels long which could explain why I may not have seen them before but they seemed to want to help for some reason. Who really wants to help someone like me? They insisted on sitting down with me but I know they really did not want to sit on the dirty ground with someone who looks as dirty as me. They kept talking about the weather and how cold it is getting, I live out here hello I think I know how cold it gets. My ankles were swollen a little and they noticed and questioned me but they do not hurt bad, I believe I will be okay, they are making a big deal out of nothing. One of the counselor started asking questions about the clinic but I just ignored him because they do not need to know my business, we do not even know each other. At first they were offering me stuff like housing but after my last experience being out here is best for me....

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