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Case Study: Water, Water Everywhere But Down The Tube

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Design or construction at fault?Mr O’Mishin has designed a building and was occupied by his client in 1984. About 9 years later, heavy rain occurred and a box gutter overflowed which caused major damage and loses to the buyer Mr O’Ferdraft, he as a second buyer decided to sue the Mr O’Really (the builder) and Mr O’Mishin (the architrct) after investigate the water down pipes were of thin gauge metal encased in concrete column and the gutter with no overflows outlets according to the details on the original drawings.To my opinion, Ms O’Kay should not be appeared in the picture as she has not done any physical work for Mr O’Ferdraft. If I were the second buyer, I would first consult experience plumber to understand the cause of problems and follow by taking legal action against the architect and builder for insurance coverage without carry out any remedy work by him.Design and construction defects are usually include any deficiency in the performing or furnishing of the design, planning, supervision, inspection, construction or observation of construction to any new building. As we can see from the investigation and report by third party, the water down-pipe discharge into the public drainage system indeed were under designed by the architect. Through further findings, one of the down-pipe was in fact squashed and failed to discharge rain water from roof as fast as the others. The builder with his expertise should always comment and proposed something which is durable and workable if he has found any deficiency in design.Wrong choice of rain water down pipeGenerally there are two types of piping widely use in building industry. Namely cast iron metal pipe and PVC piping. Both are suitable and largely used in construction due to its characteristic and performance. Nowadays PVC piping is slowly over-taking the traditional cast iron pipe in this field.Obviously this thin gauge of metal is not suitable for rain water down pipe encased in the column.Avoidance of construction defectIn the construction field, the builders are trying their best to minimize risk through the avoidance of construction defects. Generally construction defects fall into four categories: design deficiencies, material deficiencies, construction deficiencies, or subsurface problems.Design deficiencies are occurring when architects, engineers, or subcontractors do not perform their work as specified, either to cut costs or because of mistakes.Material deficiencies are occurring when a contractor uses inferior building materials or materials with manufacturing problems.Construction deficiencies, is caused by shoddy workmanship.Subsurface problems, is caused by soil conditions, such as inadequate compacting before a subdivision is built, which can lead to problems like cracked foundations.Therefore it is important for any builder to have risk management in the construction. As construction begins, the builder should work-out a regular and periodic...

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