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Case Study Week 5

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This paper will take a final look at the Campbell family and their issues. In the past five weeks, we have learned about this family’s history, their lifestyle, their financial problems, and how they function as a family unit. Each week revealed more details about this family and I gained more understanding of the community they lived in as well as the people they are surrounded and supported by. As a family nurse in this community, it was my duty to find ways to intervene and help the Campbell family deal with their health issues and family problems. I identified several areas, which they needed to make changes to improve their family’s quality of life. This family’s life can be ...view middle of the document...

Providing education for children has proven to reduce the amount of emergency visits as well as hospitalizations for asthmatic patients (Lynch, 2011). Breezy has health coverage under the state insurance program and she needs to be seen by the doctor. They need to sit down with the parents and develop a written plan of action for Breezy. They need to be educated on the environmental hazards that cause Breezy to have these attacks. At the end of the visit, I would have them verbalize their understanding of the education they received to see if it was properly received.
That education piece from the doctor or nurse about the asthma triggers would lead to another goal for the Campbell family. It is important that this family receives education concerning smoking cessation. This smoking is having a detrimental effect on Breezy and on the rest of the family. Leann is already a smoker, Nate is now starting to smoke, and Earl is chewing tobacco. Young children start to smoke due to stressful personal or social circumstances as well as being surrounded by family members who smoke (Swann, 2010). It is important to have early intervention to keep Nate from developing a smoking habit because of his family history of lung disease and cancer as well as Breezy’s asthma. I would encourage Leann to work with the school to see if there is a smoking prevention campaign that would help him learn about the dangers of smoking. The other problem is that Leann mentions that the entire community smokes and tobacco is a local crop, which is part of their economy. As a nurse, I would initiate involving the entire community in a smoking cessation program. This would enable them to support each other and work towards a healthier goal. This community also would benefit from a substance abuse program. Nate is already sneaking alcohol and his father and uncles have a history of alcoholism. They need education and an intervention on how to break the cycle of substance abuse. An educational program should be developed for the school and parents should be encouraged to attend. I work as an emergency room nurse; we present programs to the students about the dangers of alcohol and how addictive it becomes. It is a very effective program and does not cost much money to present. This area would definitely benefit from such a program.
In the previous weeks, I also discussed a concern with Leann’s health. In her family, she has a history of breast cancer. Leann is uninsured at this time and has not had a checkup with the doctor. Leann is the main provider of this family and cannot afford to become ill at this time. Preventive checkups are the key to maintaining her health. I would recommend an organization such as Planned Parenthood, which offers free health care screening to women and...

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