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Question 1:
The organizational structure of WL Gore is an organic model with the matrix/team structure that follows their innovations strategy. This structure influences their innovation strategy, chain of command, span of control and decentralization of processes and decision-making.
WL Gore has done a great job of creating a profitable, innovative company. As a flat organization they have higher participation using an organic model (555) with cross-functional teams that have wide spans of control. This includes the free-flow of information, low formalization, and decentralization that provides for faster decisions from cross-hierarchal teams. The team/matrix structure combines functionality and product resources. This also creates generalists rather than specialists to share product resources and allows for timely completion of products closer to budget with less duplication of activities. Decentralization creates a chain of command from the team directly to the final decision maker with a lower span of control. In addition, their innovation strategy promotes unique, meaningful innovations that empower employees to introduce new products to their teams for possible manufacturing.
The team/matrix structure within this organic model clearly creates product innovation, job satisfaction, across the board high profits and lower costs. This is a result of the organic model with a team/matrix structure influenced by their innovation strategy.

Question 2:
The lack of hierarchy in the Gore organization would best suit employees with a high core self-evaluation. In addition, employees would possess most if not all of the Big Five factors. The combination of these personality traits in employees will help reduce conflict and create great success for the company.
The choice Gore has made to eliminate hierarchy in this organization creates interesting employee dynamics. These dynamics call for employees who have high core self-evaluation; including high self-esteem and high locus of control. These employee dynamics along with the Big Five factors provide good communication and work environment among employees. Extroverted employees will be more likely to socialize and communicate with others. When working in a company like Gore, the freedom employees have demands that each person possess emotional stability and job conscientiousness. Their emotional stability will provide them with the ability to express their ideas. Their job conscientiousness assures that Gore will have good, quality workmanship, leadership, and idea sharing. These traits also lend themselves to the openness of employees to experience new ideas and opportunities.
Employees who lack the aforementioned traits would respond unfavorably to the lack of hierarchy in the Gore organization. New hires should be screened to assure the company the hiring of individuals with these traits. This will keep conflict at a minimum and continue their...

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