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UNIVERSIDAD DE CUENCAEMPRESA MANUFACTURERA SUMESA SA SUMESA MANUFACTURING COMPANY SA RESUMEN EJECUTIVO Executive SummaryLa siguiente investigación corresponde al análisis efectuado a la Empresa Manufacturera "Sumesa SA" , orientado a conocer la situación económica y financiera de la entidad en el año 2010 y su evolución positiva o negativa con respecto a los años anteriores 2009-2008, mediante la utilización de herramientas de Análisis Financiero y Económico como: "Estados Estandarizados, Razones Financieras, Análisis de Dupont" que nos permiten saber los datos más relevantes en su estructura, y aquellos en los que debe maximizar o minimizar su prioridad. The following research corresponds to its analysis to the Manufacturing Enterprise "Sumesa SA", aimed to know the economic and financial situation of the company in 2010 and its positive or negative change compared to previous years from 2009 to 2008, using Financial tools and Economic Analysis as "Standardized States, Financial Ratios, Dupont Analysis" that allow us to know the most relevant data in its structure, and those which should maximize or minimize their priority.Sumesa SA fue fundada en 1973 en la ciudad de Guayaquil con el objetivo de elaborar alimentos de calidad a un precio justo para sus consumidores. Sumesa SA was founded in 1973 in the city of Guayaquil with the aim of producing quality food at a fair price for their consumers. En cuanto a su organización está administrada por: Presidente de la entidad el Sr. Jorge M. García Torres, Gerente General de la entidad, el Sr. As your organization is managed by the entity President Mr. Jorge M. García Torres, General Manager of the company, Mr.Jorge J. García Miranda. Jorge J. García Miranda. Esta empresa cuenta con una la inversión aproximada de US$4,500,000 según consta de la escritura pública de aumento de capital otorgada el 27 de abril del 2005 y el capital suscrito y pagado del emisor de US$2,270,713.00 distribuido en igual número de acciones ordinarias, de valor nominal de US$1 cada una. This company has the investment of approximately U.S. $ 4,500,000 as recorded in the deed of capital increase granted on April 27, 2005 and paid capital of the issuer of U.S. $ 2,270,713.00 divided into equal number of ordinary shares of nominal value $ 1 each. Necesaria, para la producción 3 líneas de productos: Solubles, Pastas y Fideos, y Líquidos, que conforman el inventario de la empresa. Necessary for producing three product lines: Soluble, Pasta and Noodles, and Liquids, in the inventory of the company.El Análisis Financiero dividiremos en tres etapas: Financial Analysis divide into three stages:1. La primera consiste en la elaboración de los estados porcentuales, donde los datos obtenidos muestran que la empresa tiene aspectos positivos y negativos en...


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6097 words - 24 pages affects of a crisis by pre-planning how to re-act to a situation before the issue arises. The following nine steps are used to develop a crisis management plan that can be used in case an issue arises. Riordan Manufacturing identified a primary issue and two secondary issues that could be of concern to the company should the crisis develop.The primary issue is a toxic contamination of the plastic molds. An incident involving the contamination of

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4190 words - 17 pages customer order is received and detailed specifications are developed" (Proud, 2007, p 173). The company who adopt the ETO strategy can achieve a number benefits, such as, reducing design iterations and rework, recognizing customer's requirements up-front and building quality into design and manufacturing, pure customization, low inventory, long life circle of product and flexibility in production. However, there are some disadvantages existing

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