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Case Survey Essay

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Policy study assessments have grown in interest due to the increased importance over the last several decades of public service program expansion and the resultant research of the associated policies. Yin and Heald offer three different approaches to “review this research and evaluate the more significant findings” (1975, p. 371) through the propositional method, the cluster method, and the case survey method. Yin and Heald propose that the most appropriate of these three for policy studies is the case survey method (1975, p. 371). Therefore, it is important to learn how the case survey method is used, how policy study knowledge can be expanded through this method, and its applicability to ...view middle of the document...

Essentially, the case survey method is used to provide a more explicit and detailed review through the use of reader-analysts, well designed close-ended questions, and analysis of the aggregate characteristics gathered through the questionnaires on the individual case studies.
Policy study knowledge can be expanded through the case survey method in various ways. Primarily, the case survey method allows for inclusion of a large compilation of case studies to establish a broad base of evidence for analysis. Additionally, it relies upon reviewers who are knowledgeable and trained to provide specific assessments of the case studies being considered. Therefore, as shown in Yin and Heald’s application of the case survey method to decentralization, researchers were able to consider 269 case studies (p. 374) and provide reader-analysts with a 118-question checklist for each case study. The checklist allowed researchers to ensure the reliability of the checklist itself and provided reader-analysts the ability to survey multiple case studies with specific criteria such as case exclusion and ability to rate their level of confidence in their responses. Essentially, the case survey method allows for a scientific approach enabled by “aggregate reviews of individual case studies” (p.372), which can be applied to other policy studies. This approach’s ability to consider a broad base of evidence for analysis can also be applied to other policy studies.
Yin and Heald demonstrated the case survey method in their review of decentralization; however, this method can easily be carried into other public policy topics such as healthcare, social security, law enforcement or welfare to name a few. Yin and Heald offer that it can even be carried into the field where interviews can be compared with existing case studies to allow for up-to-date information input (p. 380). Therefore, when approaching policy analysis in the field of law enforcement, for example, reader-analysts can consider...

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