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Case2 Essay

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Attackers use various hacking techniques to compromise a website or a computer. The most common ones are Trojan horse programs, Denial of Service, unprotected windows shares, mobile code, cross-site scripting and packet sniffing. This paper will discuss in details how attackers use these hacking techniques to compromise a system, how attackers gather information from a victim via their e-mail communication and how to prevent the attacks.
Trojan horse programs are a common way for intruders to trick a user into installing back door programs. According to Armor2net, these programs can allow intruders easy access to a computer without the user's knowledge, change the system configurations, or infect the computer with a computer virus. These back door or remote administration programs are also known as social engineering. In fact, hackers usually use BackOrifice, Netbus, and SubSeven to gain remote access to users' computers. Once installed, these programs will allow them to access and control the computers.
Denial of Service (DoS) is another technique that hackers frequently use. DoS attack causes user's computer to crash or to become so busy processing data that the computer is unable to use it. According to Armor2net, it is important to note that in addition to being the target of a DoS attack, it is possible that the attackers also us the computer to participate in another DoS attack on another system. In fact, this technique is called Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack. The attackers install a back door program that runs on the compromised computer and wait for further instructions. When a number of back doors are running on different computers, a single "handler" can instruct all of these back doors to launch a DoS attack to another system. As a result, the end target of the attack is not the first comprised computer, but another website or system that uses the compromised ones for a larger attack.
It is easy for hackers to gain access to unprotected Windows networking shares. Attackers used automated technique to place tools on large numbers of Windows-based computers attached to the Internet. This will cause a compromised computer not only creates problems for the computer's owner, but it is also a threat to other sites on the Internet. The greater immediate risk to the Internet community is the potentially large number of computers attached to the Internet with unprotected Windows networking shares combined with distributed attack tools.
Another threat includes malicious and destructive code, such as viruses or worms, which leverage unprotected Windows networking shares to propagate. There is great potential for the emergence of other intruder tools that leverage unprotected Windows networking shares on a widespread basis. According to Combo Fix, there have been reports of problems with mobile code such as Java, JavaScript and ActiveX, which are programming languages that let web developers use to develop web browsers. Although the...

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