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Casey Anthony was a young mother who was put on trial in May of 2011, for allegedly murdering her two year old daughter, Caylee Anthony. The case had a number of key players, ranging from the offender herself, to judges, attorneys, and investigators. Three segments of the trial stick out in particular: the cross examination, the closing arguments, and the sentencing. All were covered extensively by the media, through a number of sources. There were a number of similarities and differences between the selected media sources, anywhere from detail to length, to what opinion the media outlet had itself on the case. Under a criminal profile, Casey Anthony very much fit the characteristics of a ...view middle of the document...

Yuri Melich, an investigator for the Orange County Sheriff's Department, lead the investigation of the murder of Caylee Anthony, and Judge Belvin Perry presided over the trial proceedings. These were the key players of the Casey Anthony trial.
One portion of a trial is cross examination, in which a witness is “interrogated” by the opponent of whoever called the witness. It comes after direct examination, in which a witness or other testifier is questioned by their own side. In a video directly from the courtroom, George Anthony is cross examined by Jose Baez. He is questioned about gas cans and Casey Anthony’s trunk that smelled like a decomposing body. Additionally, George Anthony was questioned as to whether or not he knew Casey Anthony was pregnant, and if he knew who the father was. Lastly, George Anthony was asked if he knew his daughter was working. Essentially, the defense team was using George Anthony to seek verification over a number of claims Casey Anthony had made, such as how she was working at Orlando’s theme park. Another portion of a trial is the closing arguments, when both the prosecutor and the defense basically summarize their entire argument, and plead for the jury to make the right decision. CNN wrote a lengthy article about the closing arguments of the Casey Anthony trial, as follows. For their closing arguments, prosecutors for the state essentially said that “the case points to only one conclusion -- that she murdered her 2-year-old daughter Caylee” (Hayes). The prosecutor then went on to say that children are the responsibilities of their parents, and there are a number of expectations, one of which is not murdering your child. In response to this, Jose Baez argued that Casey Anthony not only did not murder her child, but no one really knows what happened to Caylee Anthony. He attempted to switch views by saying, “I probably think you have more questions than you have answers...and the central one remains how Caylee died” (Hayes). Prosecution in its closing argument also listed how and why Casey Anthony murdered her child, bringing up the facts concerning duct tape, the trunk and its smell, as well as the numerous lies Casey Anthony told. Lastly, perhaps the most intense portion of a trial is sentencing. In sentencing, the offender learns what their punishment will be. In the case of Casey Anthony, she was acquitted of her murder and abuse charges, New York Times reports. However, she was still sentenced to four years in jail, as she had lied to the police on four different occasions. Despite this sentence, she was released only a few weeks later, as her time in holding for trial had counted as time served. On top of the jail sentence, she had to pay a fine of four thousand dollars. In reference to her charges of lying to the police, Judge Belvin Perry stated, “As a result of these four separate and distinct lies, law enforcement expended a great deal of time, energy, and manpower looking for young Caylee Marie...

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