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The Case Of Casey Anthony's Disappearance

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Death of Caylee Anthony
On July 15th 2008, Caylee Anthony was reported missing by her grandmother, Cindy, who claimed that she had not seen her granddaughter in 31 days. Cindy called the police after picking up her daughter Casey’s impounded vehicle, which smelled strongly of a decomposing body. Cindy found a bag of garbage in the trunk of Casey’s car but no trace of a body. Cindy had attempted to contact and visit Caylee over the past month, but Casey Anthony refused visitation, claiming that Caylee was with a nanny named Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez, or at the beach or parks. Casey had given Cindy various explanations as to Caylee’s whereabouts before finally telling her mother that she had not seen Caylee for multiple weeks.
Casey told the police that the nanny, Zenaida, had kidnapped her daughter but it was later proven that Casey did not have a nanny for Caylee at all. After investigations conducted by the police, Zenaida was determined to be a real person but had no connection to Casey Anthony and had never met any members of her family. Casey also told the police during the initial investigation that she worked for Universal Studio’s but after the police asked to see her office, she admitted that she had been fired years ago.
Casey was arrested on July 16th, 2008 and charged the following day with giving false statements to law enforcement, child neglect and obstruction of a criminal investigation. Casey was interviewed by officers regarding the disappearance of Caylee and claimed that she “felt that Caylee was still alive” (YouTube, 2008). Casey remained calm, emotionless and flirty throughout the interview with the police officer and continued to claim that she did not know the whereabouts of Caylee and insisted on discussing unrelated issues with the officer, that did not assist in finding Caylee or solving the case.
Interview Analysis
Interviews and interrogation are viewed differently, as an interview is conducted for the purpose of gathering information, while interrogations are designed to persuade suspects to tell the truth surrounding their involvement in criminal activity (Lord & Cowan, 2011). Casey Anthony was under interrogation by two police officers, rather than being interviewed, therefore the officer’s nonverbal and verbal communication with Casey will be unlike that of a regular interviewer. This paper will analyze the police officers use of SOLER, attending behaviours, paraphrasing, summarization, reflecting feeling, self-disclosure, confrontation, immediacy and information giving.
Nonverbal Communication
The police officers that interrogated Casey Anthony had unique styles of nonverbal communication. “SOLER” is an acronym for sitting at 90 degrees, open posture, leaning slightly towards the client, maintaining eye contact and relaxing to avoid tension (Rault, 2014). The first officer that began interviewing Casey appeared to be sitting at a 45-degree angle from Casey, leaning forward and rarely made eye contact. He...

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