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The defendant of the Casey Anthony Trial, is Casey Anthony. At the age of 19 she had given birth to her daughter Caylee Marie Anthony, the victim in this case. The one who first noticed the 2 year old daughter missing were her grandparents, Cindy and George Anthony. Casey was found a month after she left her parents house, with her boyfriend Tony Lazzaro. It was then that Casey had told the police about how her daughter was missing for about a month because the babysitter, Zenaida “Zanny the Nanny” Fernandez-Gonzalez had kidnapped her. These were the main people who started off the investigation on Casey Anthony.
However, there were many others who were involved in the trial against Casey Anthony. For example, there was the bounty hunter Leonard Padilla, he tried to get a lead on Caylee from Casey after she was released from jail. Meter reader Roy Kronk had found a plastic bag of human remains in a wooded area near the Anthonys' home, the remains were confirmed to be those of Caylee Marie Anthony. After the trial has been started, there have been many more people involved in this criminal case. Casey’s defense, Jose Baez shocked the media when he accused Casey’s father of covering up the death of Caylee in the family pool and for sexually abusing her. Involved with George, was his mistress Krystal Holloway, who had little relations to the case. This led Casey to revealing about her brother, Lee Anthony who she had claimed had made sexual advances towards her. However Lee Anthony does not turn out to be the father of Caylee, so he shows no real importance to the case.
There were many more people involved in the trial of Casey Anthony. Including another defense attorney, Cheney Mason. There was the prosecutor Jeff Ashton, along with the former prosecutor Grace.Along with fellow court officials there was the court spokeswoman Karen Levey, the attorney Mark Lippman, the state attorney Lawson Lamar, the prosecutors Linda Drane Burdick, and also Frank George. The jury consisted of seven women, and five men. Other people involved in this case would be Law professors Karin Moore and Donald Jones. Along with the research scientist at Tennessee's Oak Ridge National Laboratory Arpad Vass and Lawrence Kobilinsky chairman of the Department of Sciences at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. In conclusion there were many people involved in the trial case of Casey Anthony.
The trial of Casey Anthony was a case where the daughter of Casey Anthony had gone missing. Casey Anthony has claimed that the babysitter had kidnapped Caylee. However the person she listed as the babysitter is nonexistent(besides another Zenaida, who has no relation to this case). Cindy and George did not know that Caylee was missing until almost a month after the disappearance. When George went to pick up Casey’s car he found her purse and other belongings still in the car, however he had smelt a bad odor. The odor is the...

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