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IntroductionThere are always so many different decisions to make when it comes to opening up a business whether it is small or large. One of the decisions to make is what type of accounting method to use. Most small business, as long as they do not make over $5 million a year, has a choice whether to go with cash or accrual. Hence if you business makes or exceeds the $5 million per year then the IRS requires them to use the accrual method. There is a basic understanding of how each one works individually and what each one brings to the table in terms of business. We can acknowledge the fact that the cash basis although very simple to understand, does not stack up as the most commonly used basis. In the following paragraphs those topics will be discussed in further and examples will be provided to further grasp the understanding of said topics.Cash BasisCash base methods is a very simple method to use, and some would even refer to this method as a lifeline to every business. The cash method only recognizes income or expenses only when they take place. Income is only counted when it has actually been received from the customer or customers. The cash method usually has a strong hold on the expenses within the business. The cash basis can accelerate or defer payment for certain items. These items can be categorized as supplies, repair, advertising, interest, and taxes.Like many of the pros to cash basis there can be just as many limitation or problems. Cash basis serves as a good purpose to be very simple to use but it does supply its limitations in the fact that it can leave out very important transactions that can affect the correct comprehension or information of the financial statements. It also causes problems when writing off bad checks, exchanges or acquisition of assets, and some other issues that could be pertinent to any business. Another very negative aspect that comes from the cash basis is that because purchases or sales are not always recorded until the actual payments have been received, it fails to tell the public the true accounts for stocks and how the business is actually doing.Aside from some of the...

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819 words - 3 pages business uses the cash or accrual accounting method is important to understanding the viability of the assets and liabilities listed on the balance sheet. To determine which accounting method is used, the following questions need to be answered by the current owners of both businesses:Does the company use cash basis accounting, whereby revenues are only recorded when funds are actually received for a sale and expenses are recorded when they are


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