Money, Power And Respect: The Gangster Life

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With a scar on the left side on his face, half of which is on his cheek and the other half went through his eye brow, Tony Montana arrived in United States as a Cuban political refugee and died as a drug lord in the movie "Scarface". The director, Brian de Palma, used the real life setting of the Cuban refugee as back drop of the old Scarface (1932), which is based on Italian mafia. The role Tony Montana, played by Al Pacino, is an illegal immigrant who fled from Fidel Castro's communist government and came to America for prosperous life. Although the movie was made in the early eighties with Cuban history, Tony Montana is still a symbol of anger and desperation of the harsh reality for immigrants in American slums. Even today, the movie "Scarface (1983)" gives a bit of Cuban history and it is still a big influence on American society; Scarface shows the horrifying consequences of reaching towards the American Dream through easier way, which is dealing with the drug.The movie starts with the history 1980s Cuban immigrant revolt. The Cuban and American's bitter relationship goes as far as 1950s when the Castro government took over all the American property inside Cuba. This results in the barrier between America and Cuba. The relationship turned even worst in 1961 at the Bay of Pigs when fifteen hundred Cuban exiles sent by CIA to topple down the Castro. The effort of CIA and Cuban exiles was ousted by the Cuban force in matter of days. Since then the relationship was never the same (Bulliet 609). The movie was made during the time of Fidel Castro when he was send prisoners to US harbor and thousands and thousands of refugees landed on the American shore. Cubans at that time and still today are looked down by the other races in America because of their violence and brutal side. According to the movie Scarface, Fidel Castro opened the Mariel harbor in May 1980 for letting some people visit their relatives in United States. Almost three thousand US boats headed for Cuba within seventy-two hours. It soon became noticeable that Castro was forcing the boat owners to carry back not only their relatives, but dregs of his jails. Of the 125000 refugees that landed in Florida, an estimated 25,000 had criminal records (Scarface). By august these unwelcome refugees started to revolt at the detention and tried to get out off the center (Scarface). Some these refugees do get out by doing illegal things just like in the movie Tony Montana had to kill a political figure called Rebenga in order to get his Green card.The racial, class and the social conflict brings the monster out of these immigrants and at one point they are willing to do anything and everything. The cruel reality makes these under class, socially hatred people go ruthless. And once they are detached from emotion and ethic, they are able to perform terrible acts in the society. Most immigrant gangsters today come straight form the ghettos like South Central or Compton in Los Angeles. And in these...

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