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1.Prepare a statement showing the incremental cash flows for this project over an 8-year period.I = $1,000,000-Working Capital: WC = $200,000Yi is: ChWCi = Previous Year WC - Current WC = 0 (i=1 to 7)andChWC0 = -$200,000The working capital is recovered so for the end of the year 8 it will be zero or: ChWC8 = $200,000-Depreciation: For the first five years Yi (i = 1 to 5):Di = (Invest in plant and equipment) / 5 = $1,000,000/5 = $200,000For the years 6 to 8 the depreciation will be zero.-Revenues:First year the expected revenues will be:R1 = $900,000For the years Yi (i=2 to 8)Ri = $1,500,000-Expenses:For all years we will have indirect incremental costs of $80,000For each year the direct costs are 0.55*RiFor each year Yi (i=1 to 8):Ei = $80,000 + 0.55*Ri then:E1 = $80,000 + 0.55*$950,000 = $602,500For i=2 to 8:Ei = $80,000 + 0.55*$1,500,000 = $905,000-Taxes:The firm's marginal tax rate is 35%, taxes will be:Ti = T * (Ri - Ei - Di) with T = 0.35 (i=1 to 8)T1 = 0.35*($950,000-$602500-$200,000) = $51625For i=2 to 5Ti = 0.35*($1,500,000-$905,000-$200,000) = $138250For i=6 to 8Ti = 0.35*($1,500,000-$905,000-$0) = $208250Year Sales Direct Cost Indirect Cost Depreciation Tax saved Cash Flow0 -1,200,000 -1,200,0001 950,000 522,500 80,000 200,000 70,000 236,5002 1,500,000 825,000 80,000 200,000 70,000 385,0003 1,500,000 825,000 80,000 200,000 70,000 385,0004 1,500,000 825,000 80,000 200,000 70,000 385,0005 1,500,000 825,000 80,000 200,000 70,000 385,0006 1,500,000 825,000 80,000 357,0007 1,500,000 825,000 80,000 357,0008 1,700,000 825,000 80,000 477,0002.Calculate the Payback Period (P/B) and the NPV for the project.The payback period is how long it will take for a project to get its initial investment back.Y= year...

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1254 words - 5 pages has outlined the requested information in the following paper as well as provided insight and support of the most important.Net IncomeThe amount of net income for Landry's Restaurants in 2001 was $26,920, in 2002 was $41,522, and 2003 was $45,901. The financial statements which show this information are found on the income statements sheet and cash flow sheet. The components of an income statement are many such as; revenues and cost of revenues

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3438 words - 14 pages in medium and long term results and less short-term performance . 3. METHODOLOGY To get a better cash flow and its forms of expression, will be presented cash flow situation, how to do it and the main features of the main activities carried out within an enterprise. Cash flow statement is a basic information source for economic and financial analysis. It is drafted in accordance with IAS 7 and in Romania, as in other developed countries is

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1450 words - 6 pages low levels of corporate and personal defaults; The net profit after tax for the year was $2,695 million, an increase of 5% over the prior year. This result was achieved after absorbing $535 million (after tax) of incremental expenses in relation to the Which new Bank program.From the company of BOQ's cash flow statement can be seen: Operating activities: cash inflows of $ 2,303.30 millions; investing activities: cash outflows $-48.10millions. In

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1229 words - 5 pages Examining Financial Statements PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1 Examining Financial Statements PaperTeam C PaperVictoria MartinezTiwana NeelyKaren WilsonChuma LewisI. Annette JohnsonUniversity of PhoenixACC/300: Principles of AccountingWH07BMA10Gene A. CooperNovember 03, 2008Examining Financial Statements PaperLandry Restaurant's net income is $45,901. After reviewing the different statements we decided that the Cash Flow Statement sheet explained in

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514 words - 2 pages in the business to allow for future growth. A Cash Flow Statement shows what sources the business obtained cash during a period of time and how that cash was used.The company uses the income statement to report the success or the failure of the company’s operations for a period of time. The Income Statement is used to evaluate if the company is profitable. Investors look at the income statement in the company’s past net income to

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2098 words - 8 pages (Chopping & Stephens 2003).FRS 1 (revised) Cash flow statements came out in 1996 as a replacement to FRS 1 Cash flow statement. The release of FRS 1 (revised) lends itself to a potential question - the reasons for the issue of the revised standard.REASONS FOR REVISING FRS 1FRED 10 cash flow statements, the Financial Reporting Exposure Draft that preceded FRS 1 (revised), outlined several criticisms of FRS 1 (Business Source Premier 1996):1. The

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1316 words - 5 pages for ExxonMobile.How well a company is doing in its operations can be determined by looking at the three year trend in Net Income on the Income Statement and at Cash Flow from Operating Activities on the Statement of Cash Flows. Net income is the amount by which total revenue exceeds total expenses for the reporting period. The resulting profit is added to the owner's capital account. However, if total expenses are greater than total revenue, a


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1493 words - 6 pages . This is the amount of profit which the company has generated, after the implementation of this decision the net income increases but they remain flat because of the EBIT. Free cash flow: The overall free cash flow of the company before the implementation of Phase 1 decision was not good. By implementing this decision only the top line of the financial statement has improved and net income remained flat which indicates about the less free cash

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1652 words - 7 pages CEO is Dan Hesse. (, 2009).The fourth quarter of 2008 financial statement Chief Financial Officer Bob Burst emphasized that Sprint Nextel for the fourth quarter has 536 million Free Cash Flow, and at the same time reducing debt by one billion dollars. The fourth quarter exited 3.7 billion dollars in cash and 5.1 billion dollars in liquidity. Burst announced that Sprint Nextel plans in restructuring plan that includes internal and

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626 words - 3 pages 1. Cash is considered to be the least manipulated element in the financial statements (Dechow, 1994). However, there are ways of manipulating cash flow statement as seen in the WorldCom scandal. The common methods are delaying payables, financing payables, securitising receivables or stock buybacks. Investors most often look at the operating cash flows therefore, firms/management are interested in boosting operating cash flows. One way of doing

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1322 words - 5 pages Cash operating cycle The number of times an entity can cycle through this process generally the more profit it can make (as long as prices are set appropriately). There is normally an outflow for inventory & wages before a sale is made Cash Flow Statement helps to determine if cash is collected in a timely manner! 4 Remember: difference between cash & accrual accounting The accrual system is the basis of the income statement and focuses