Money Isn't Everything Essay

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In my opinion, money isn't everything. What are your feelings towards money? To me it's alot of things, but not everything. I learned money wasn't everything the hard way last year. It was beat into me by seven other people. I also learn alot of other lessons as well. Like, never wear a work uniform in an area where they're looking to attack anyone who has money, and don't ever try to hold onto anything that can be replace because it's not worth losing your life over it. All of these three lessons I learned in one day in only a couple of hours. They will never leave my memory because of the injuries I endured and the situation I was in at the time. I was working at a dead end job restaurant for a year and a couple of months now. Getting paid a very low salary because this restaurant was company owned and it was a low-class restaurant portraying itself as a very expensive restaurant. Macaroni Grill of Balston Commons Mall in Arlington, VA was a good experience some times, but most of the time it was a horrible place to work. The emotional stress the employees and the employer went through everyday of work really built up alot of tension. It made the employees hate working there even more, but we all hung on and stayed because we needed the money. One of the bosses hated working on Tuesdays, so she would keep everyone there later than they usual clock out, unfortunately I worked Tuesdays, and I lived in Maryland. I caught the metro (both bus and train) to work and home everyday I worked. It took me 45 minutes to get home from work on the train and even more to wait for the bus due to metro's usual slow service. That night I got off of work at 11:30 pm and was exhausted. If I did anymore I'd probably pass out on the ground and get up 5 hours later still tired, my backpack wasn't helping either. I didn't even feel like taking off my uniform. My main concern was getting home in a hurry and going to bed so I can wake up and enjoy my day off tomorrow. I caught the train and read until my stop came up, in which I exited the train and the train station to wait for the bus. I waited nothing but 20 minutes this time for the bus to enter the station and pick me up to take me somewhere near where I live. By the time I got around to where I lived by the bus it was almost 1:00 am. I got off the bus and started towards my house. I then suddenly I remembered that I needed to buy something to eat because I've worked overtime and forgot to buy food to eat at the house. I started towards Johnny's now (a chinese carryout) in my quest to get something to eat. Only about 9 feet away from the door there was a middle-aged man sitting on the curb waiting for me to get close enough to ask me something. I got close enough and he asked me for a couple of dollars, in my head I was thinking he'd misuse...

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