Money Made The World Go Down

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Stamp, release, roll, inset, cut and so life began.However, I am merely the latest creation of my people.For thousands of years humans have created me for the means of trading and reflecting their power. It is when they decided to make us smart that our seemingly material existence caused their world to falter.In the 21st century a growing global economy increased pressure for a global currency.When it was finally introduced increases in robbery skyrocketed. In the 22nd century a “breakthrough”, smart money, inserted with a microchip that emitted static electricity to “read” the mind of the nearest human to tell whether it was being stolen.They used to say “money makes the world go round”; there is a new saying “Money made the world go down”.Humans started to realise the problem when tycoons began spending up big on weapons and arms deals.When Governments became “corrupted by money” all hell broke loose.I remember in times before when I could catch glimpses of movies on TV where cities became fiery desolate wastelands – Speculative fiction of what would happen if the world broke down into war.I see through the eyes of my human counterpart and this is the very real vision I see.Fortunately for the human race money developed emotion, and money in areas where people did not have negative thoughts developed a sense of right and wrong. These outliers along with segments of strong willed humans uncorrupted by the brainwashing of money lead rebellions fighting an uphill battle.The pockets of resistance find their success in infiltrating conferences of high powered money leaders planning their next attack, hoping to wipe out rebels, but for what? Once they are done will there be anything left to rebuild?I tap into my carrier human’s vision. We are walking down a street that would have once been a quiet haven in suburbia. There are remnants of red tiled roofs and patches of grass. A swing set does not have the excitement it used to provide.My carrier human steps over a round of machine gun shells. 20 metres up the road and as I expected, blood stains, they tried to run.Up ahead there is a limousine, black, not a celebrity limousine that suggested extravagance, a political limousine, bleak, resentful.There are two undercover resistance men standing next to the open door of the limousine, as we approach they ask if we have the required forgeries.“I have my passport and identity Pass in my jacket”.My human replies“Are you carrying any weapons?” A standard question.“Only my .5 caliber, pen with two bullets in case things get a little heated. He loves his pen gun.“You’re going to have to leave it somewhere here; reconnaissance believes they have new screening after last week’s explosion at the...

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