Money, What Does It Do? Essay

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Money, What Does it Do?
Does everything revolve around money? In a way it does. Getting an education costs money by going to preschool, elementary, high school, and going through college. First of all, parents have to worry about lunches, school supplies, school clothing, and the cost of getting an education. However, schools can receive grants and help from the state for certain items, but they still have to pay eventually for the students attending that school. Starting with pre-K, if the parents do not have the money to send a child to school, the child is looked down on and labeled when they start kindergarten. Money does control so many things in life, in small and large communities a person can see the effect it is having especially on education. Money is also a labeling factor in life, and it should not be.
Jonathan Kozol writes and amazing article called “From Still Separate, Still Unequal: America’s Educational Apartheid.” Kozol discusses many topics such as: segregation in schools, how segregation is treated by staff, how preschool affects children, and how money effects the education of children. Unfortunately money causes segregation between people, especially children. Through his statistics, personal narratives, and comparisons, Kozol effectively uses pathos, logos, and ethos to present a compelling argument to his readers.
Kozol gains readers attention by using pathos by talking to students that are and have been segregated. Kozol makes his readers want to help these students by talking to students who are segregated or who go to schools that do not have the areas needed for an education. A good example of pathos is, Kozol received letters from a young girl named Alliyah, and her classmates; the young girl wrote this “Dear Mr. Kozol, we do not have the things you have. You have clean things. We do not have. You have a clean bathroom. We do not have that. You have parks and we do not have parks. You have all the thing and we do not have all the thing. Can you help us” (409). This brings the audience into the article because some people do not know how bad some of the conditions are that the children go to school in. At the end of the letter the young girl wrote, “I wish that this school was the most beautiful school in the whole why world” (409). Kozol was confused about why the young girl put why instead of wide. Kozol was emotionally touched after getting these letters from the young students so he decided to visit the school of these children. He showed empathy towards these students. Instead of him asking the students questions about their letters, Kozol let the children ask him several questions. Kozol let his emotions get to him during this visit because he let the students talk instead of him. Kozol used pathos to get his readers emotionally involved by the way that he talked to the students and the way that he wrote in the article to make the audience feel that they needed to do something to...

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