"Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad's Guide To Financial Freedom" By Robert T. Kiyosaki Abd Sharon L. Lechter

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We all want to make money and be successful in life and now have to work our whole entire lives, but how is it done? That is what this book tries to teach the normal person, how to get out of being on the left side of the quadrant, where most people spend their lives and trying to get to the right side of the quadrant where a few people are right now. I know this may sound like a different language to some, it did to me at the very beginning but then I found out what it truly meant.The book right off the bat breaks into explaining to the reader what the quadrant really is. Kiyosaki explains that on the left side of the quadrant, which is composed of employees and self employed people, sits 99% of people who are in the "rat race," which is the race to make more money and obtain more possessions that leads to eve more work, more stress, and less time for the things that really matter in life. On the right side of the quadrant are those people who earn their money passively. They put other people's money and time to work for them and as they become more successful they have more time for the things that they want to do.Now I'm going to try and break down what each side really is. The left side is the category that almost everyone falls into, the E stand for Employees which most of us are; Employees value the idea of financial security over the risk of financial freedom. Employeesmake money for the B's and S's who get rich off of the Employees hard work. While you can make money being an Employee, it often leads to a lack of time for things that really matter to one, such as family and leisure. Now I'll move onto the S's of the world which are those people who are Self-Employed, most small businesses are people who are self employed, these are the people who have the mentality "If you want it done right, do it yourself." They highly value self control and normally are perfectionists of their occupations. They are the person that keeps there machine running, and that machine being there businesses.Now I will talk about the right side of the quadrant which consists of the wealthier people in the world. The B's on the right side stands for Business Owners, these are people who own a few small businesses and who also own almost all of the large businesses in the world. B's value creating systems of people that make money instead of worrying about doing things to perfection. They tend to care more about profitability than they do quality, rather than the self employed these business owners could leave there companies for a year and come back and find it how they left it or possibly worth more than it was before, they have a system that works for them. The I's stand for the investors of the world, the best thing that people can do is become a successful investor if they do this then they will definitely reach the top of the financial growthmountain. Successful investors are able to use little of their own money and a lot of other people's money to make...

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