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Casino’s are known for gambling, money, fun and chance. But have you ever wondered what it’s like working in one? Casino falls in the Hospitality Management cluster. There are several jobs within this area.For example, dealers, gaming supervisors, slot attendants, gaming runners/sports book writers, and gaming managers. The casino business it mainly works as a ladder. You work your way up to the highest job. One of the highest careers in the general manager, which happens to be the one that caught my attention.

General managers (GM) negotiate all of the activities and services offered at a casino. Ranging from personnel issues to creating and following a budget. Casino general managers work with human resources, accounting, marketing, security, housekeeping, food services and gaming departments in order to develop procedures and plans, observe activities and guarantee customers happiness. “The general manager of a casino is responsible not only for the gambling portion of the operation but also for the hotel and restaurants associated with it”, says Jim Bright, president of Bristol Associates. As for traveling, this career doesn’t have many requirements. The only travel there is to do is to find a location where there is a casino considering there are only 22 states with commercial casinos.

Like I mentioned before, the structure of a casino works as a ladder. To work as a general manager you would have to work at one of the lower jobs to gain experience. Infact, as a requirement you would have to have worked at a casino for 10-15 years. Training is also a general need in this career path. Many casino’s offer classes to teach you the basics and how to begin. Knowledge on specific games, such as slot machines and knowing how to operate a hotel is also necessary. A high school diploma or GED is required but no specific degree is. Although it is recommended you get 4 year degree in hospitality, hotel management, accounting/finance or business to gain a more detailed background and have a better chance at getting this position. It’s also skills and qualities that are required. Skills include the following: people skills, technical knowledge, organization, being observant as well as being a good listener. And having a leadership quality is definitely a must. I say this because of the increasing job outlook for this career. It has been noted that there will be an increasing 11% increase employment from 2010-2020 and predicted to be competitive.

Unlike the manager of a casino, (who is one level under the general manager) a casino general manager makes an average salary of $195,803 annually, almost 3 times as much as that of a manager's annual salary. “A GM typically pulls in between $200,000 and $400,000 a year”, Bright says. Of Course this money isn’t easily earned. With casino’s operating around the clock it is not unusual for a GM to work 60 hours a week, including friday and saturday as wells as holidays. But well worth it, you receive benefits...

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