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Cast Away Essay

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In the movie Cast Away, Chuck Noland says that to turn ones back on time is to commit a sin. In this movie, Chuck’s life revolves around time, and his ability to make more money is directly affected by time. This fact, however, is exactly what is related as a bad thing. Throughout the movie, capitalistic ventures, which require an extreme investment of time, are characterized as evil. The message sent in Cast Away is that we live in a corrupt and morally bankrupt society which is only concerned with the bottom line, but if we all “get back to the basics” and search our souls for what really matters in life, we may have a chance of turning out okay.
Chuck Noland represents the United States in this movie, especially in the former Soviet Union. As hinted when the picture of Lenin is being removed, Russia is still not completely devoid of communism, in which the basic idea is equality (Cast Away). Bring in the American Chuck Noland, who is only concerned with how fast things move (so that FedEx makes an extra dollar), and this society is corrupted. This is revealed quite startlingly in the scene where Chuck pulls a clock out of a FedEx box. The 80 or so hours it took the box to get to Russia is inconsequential to the Russians (Cast Away). They do not know that to effectively “compete” in the marketplace they have to ship faster and faster, and even if they did, they would not care. Still, to Chuck, this is an outrage because he is losing money due to “excess” time. The interpreter even has to make an excuse for Chuck’s behavior because the Russians find it absurd (Cast Away). This all goes to further develop the idea that American democracy is slowly eating away at the ideals of the rest of the world. The movie is relating that the American system and our need to spread it everywhere are corrupting the world.
The reason that the movie is titled Cast Away and not Castaway relates to this theme. Since Chuck Noland represents evil in the form of a taskmaster of time, his punishment is to be sent away to solitude where time is not a factor. Before he arrives at his lonely island, Chuck is not good at dealing with people or emotions. He only gives his friend a phone number when his friend’s wife is dying of cancer. He offers no emotional support, and even tries to stay out of the...

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