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Castle On A Cloud Essay

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“Castle On A Cloud”
In the far off distance, almost on the southwestern tip of Germany, stands a grand romantic looking castle called, Hohenschwangua, This elegant and royal castle has all the makings of any young girls vision of a fairy tales happy ending. It is a thing of legends and glory, and of battles well fought. The castle stands tall and proud on the edge of a jagged cliff, it looks to be part of the clouds drifting by. This castle seems magical; that should you blink, the image will vanish right before your eyes, as a vision of a dream when you wake. As all castles, it has such grandeur that it is breathtaking, but this castle even more so, for the mystical Gothic designed exterior seems hypnotizing. This castle does not seem the least bit foreboding, but has a welcoming feel, as though the servants will readily be welcoming you with smiling faces upon your arrival.
The views from each of the castle’s windows are of the Bavarian Alps and each looks insurmountable, as well as completely treacherous, but to look at them in the distance, a calm covers over you too. Looking down onto the grounds from the top floor, upon the courtyard, it is as though at any moment the royal inhabitants will come out the grand doors, wanting to take in a breath of fresh air or to walk the magnificent grounds. The enormous enchanting castle’s grounds are freshly manicured, and all different types of trees and shrubs that are also manicured to perfection. Trees of various sizes and colors, perfect for providing cool shade on hot summer afternoons scatter the lush courtyard. Thousands of plants and flowers, of every color imaginable are growing in the luscious gardens, and their heavenly aroma wafts through the air. Squirrels and soft grey rabbits are playing and frolicking all about. Statues of great men, previous rulers, look regal and intimidating in their splendid garments and armor. Huge decorative fountains scattered on the castle’s grounds, where beautifully colored birds are enjoying their baths. The castle grounds meet the forest then go up into the surrounding mountainsides and on to the Alps that connect Germany with Austria.
The mountains nestle the medieval looking castle with a protective grace and charm, and they look as if no separation is between earth and heaven, for nothing distinguishes where earth stops and...

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