Casual Sex Among College Students Essay

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Casual Sex Among College Students

Baylor University is a college that carries high moral beliefs and shuns the idea of its students committing acts like casual sex. Students at Baylor find many ways to disregard the morals and beliefs that were given to them as they were growing up. They rely on their animal instincts and sneak around authority to take part in sinful acts. They relax on the weekends with the occasional drinking and inhibiting of their thought functions. Baylor University has created many rules that try to keep students from actions of casual sex, but with students that are trying to show that they can not be controlled go around and break the rules brought forth in hand books, just to show that they can. The reason that many students find casual sex appealing is the fact that it is wrong. We as human beings find the danger of doing some thing wrong intriguing. We are animals and are always testing our limits. Sex is an explored subject that is hushed as we are children growing up. We are taught that is not to be talked about and that we should always have boundaries before we practice this interesting, yet provocative action. As college students we are free from all authority and we tend to explore these new actions. Our animal instincts kick in and we are soon experiencing new emotions and feelings that we end up succumbing to under different circumstances. We explore all the different things that we are shunned away from as children and are able to do so without any authority telling us other wise. Our boundaries are set free and then we are dealt with the choice of emotional sex or casual sex. Most people do not see the emotional side of sex until they become older. As college students we tend to find casual sex an easier choice around campus. Baylor University is an institute that shuns this action of casual sex and sees fit to show the emotional side sex before the action is taken place. This only allows students to engage in casual sex, because we as animals look at this as being wrong and engage in it only to show that we are able to go against what we have been taught throughout the years. Therefore, we only show that as college students we are the average animals.
Although we are animals, we tend to add to our sexual demise by putting our selves in circumstances that affect our thinking and actions. Casual sex is not just an animal instinct but is a problem that is created by people adding chemicals to their bodies that affect their thought in ways that make them do things that they do not even realize. Baylor students engage themselves in drinking and some other ways of influencing their bodies. We find ourselves in positions that complicate things because we engage in casual sex. Most influences of the body cause people to become aroused, and therefore we are emotionless and engaging in actions that are only animalistic. Baylor shuns such acts, but it is almost impossible to...

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