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Cat O' Nine Tails Essay

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Movies are a huge part of many Americans’ lives. Everyone has a particular genre that they like the most or a particular actor. There are many genres to choose from such as action, romance, drama, musical, documentary, horror, comedy, and children’s movies. This is always attached with the cliché ‘Everyone’s a critic.’ Movies will only want to be seen if someone else says that the movie is good. They trust that advice so that they will spend anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours watching a motion picture. This form of entertainment is driven by the viewer. Horror movies however, are designed by the same chronology: introduction, conflict climax, resolution. Horror movies also have many actors that do not show up in the sequel. The actors also are very unrecognizable because of the possibility that these actors are killed off in the movie as it progresses. Horror movies cause people to do many things no other type of movie can deliver. Horror movies make viewers jump, they make them scream, and they make the viewers want to cover their eyes. All of these aspects make horror movies a heart-pounding and enjoyable form of entertainment.
Horror movies have to follow a certain formula that makes them successful and entertaining to the general audience. Firstly, horror movies have to be scary. This is usually the whole point of going to these types of movies. The argument that horror movies are enjoyable begins with how much the movie makes someone jump as well as how creepy the movie is. Secondly, these movies have to have gore. From the classic slasher movies to the zombie movies, gore has always been fused to the horror genre. This condition also almost always determines if the movie will be rated R or if it will be rated PG-13. Thirdly, horror movies have to have a comic relief. Having some comedy in horror movies shies away from the scariness in the movie and ultimately makes the movie more enjoyable because it has diversity. Another condition that horror movies have to have is a nice plot. Having characters die left and right with no reason for the killing really diminishes the movie and frankly makes it a less enjoyable experience. Another criterion for horror movies is having respectable acting. The acting in movies sometimes goes unnoticed unless it is blatantly horrible. This is especially true in horror movies. The actors and actresses have to sell that they are actually scared and have superb skill in their profession. The acting can only be guided by the directing. The director of horror movies must be able to pull all of these criteria together and make a smash horror hit.
Cat O’ Nine Tails is a movie centered on a reporter and a retired blind journalist investigating a trail of murders always involving a biological institute. The movie starts out with the retired blind journalist and his niece Lori spending the day together and seeing a mysterious red car. Lori is asked to say who is in the car...

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