Cat People Vs. Dog People Essay

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I know the biggest discussion when you are about to get a new pet is; am I a cat person or dog person? I’m about to solve your confusion. 62% of United States homes have at least one pet. Overall, homes that claim to have pets 78 million of them are dogs and 86 million are cats. These numbers are misleading, according to a survey in the Reader’s Digest 41% identified that they were cat people where as 74% were dog people (Reader’s Digest). My sister is a major dog person she can’t live without them some days. Her latest addition to the family is a Vizsla puppy named toby. According to her the nick name of this breed is a Velcro dog, it’s loyal to a fault and whimpers at the sight of you walking away. Then my mom would never admit it but I think she is a cat person. I am sure of this by her loving nature, and sometimes individual attitude. To be completely honest, I am a little of both. I have an Australian cattle dog which is the most adorable lovable herding dog that looks like a little dingo. On the other hand, I have a tabby cat that loves to curl up with me in front of a fireplace with a good book.
The life of a cat person is more likely to be somewhat particular. The stereotype of a crazy cat women is not really true. On a usual basis, they are more likely to be women. Their personalities extend to being unconventional introverts. This is just a fancy way of calling them outside of the box thinker but with shy tendencies. The unconventional side is often seen as “crazy” but I like to call it misunderstood innovation. My adorable cat tiger can turn anything into a place to sleep and that’s his form of innovation. I love to create, design and remodel 7]-everything which is one of my contributions to being a cat person. At social gatherings such as parties they are 14% more likely to cling to people they know (Reader’s Digest). I know this is a fact of my own heart, in big group situations I can’t sit still and am constantly looking for people I know. The sense of humor leads in the direction of irony. Ironic humor expression of language that signifies the opposite of what was said or thought like sarcasm. More facts about cat people are that they are more likely to live in an apartment, as well as to live alone with the exception of cats (Reader’s Digest). However, that does not mean there is an overabundance of cats in said apartment.
Dog personality based people are more of a social breed. These types on average are more likely to be men. This is not much of a surprise since dogs...

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