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We Must All Take A Stand Against The Patriot Act!

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A stranger has access to an American’s DNA, house, phone calls, text messages, and the very location he or she is located in at the moment. America the free? The Patriot Act allows this heinous invasion to occur and allows government agents to access personal information on any individual they suspect. The Patriot Act allows Americans to be under constant surveillance this provision applies to suspected terrorists, but that definition is loose and it is easy for the government to label anyone as a suspected terrorist to start gathering information on them. Furthermore, The Patriot act uses racial profiling in choosing anyone who is a Muslim immigrant and is particularly from the Middle-East. Lastly, The Patriot Act goes against the Constitution particularly the First, Fourth, and Fifth Constitutional Amendments. The Patriot Act is an invasion of personal privacy, racist in choosing its suspected terrorists, and is a constant assault on the Constitution.
Joe, an average U.S citizen was calmly and innocently watching television when a government agent bursts into his sanctuary and starts searching through his belongings. This horrendous and shocking situation could occur in any American’s life! Without being notified and informed, in the land of the people who stand for freedom and equality, a government agent who has been watching you is allowed to do this under the enforcement of The Patriot Act. This is a complete invasion of rightly deserved privacy! The government can not only have access to emails, phone calls, personal records, and possess surveillance on individuals, they are also authorized to search a home without informing the owner. First, The government’s access to personal records and phone calls is a violation of privacy. Phone conversations are personal and contain confidential information that obtain to the people being listened to. The Fourth Amendment protects privacy against inequitable searches, but then how come at any moment a government official can break into a unnotified citizen’s home and start their search for any item or document they please? How far will Americans go in order to secure their safety? How many more rights will be taken away before the issue is resolved?
Second, the innocent Americans being tracked by agents who are bugging phone lines, reading emails, and keeping track of their internet use are not aware they are under suspicion. The Patriot Act also allows warrants to be used for any federal crime, this highly invasive type of warrant divests an individual of their right to know that they are being investigated and allows law enforcement, to break into an individual’s home, to search...

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