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Catch 22 Essay

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Catch-22 Essay Jackie Yang 12BPrompt: some novels and plays seem to advocate changes in social or political attitudes or in traditions. Examine the particular attitudes or traditions that Heller apparently wishes to modify. Then analyze the techniques Heller uses to influence the reader's views. Avoid plot summary.Great literatures always speak for the authors. Throughout the history, literary works that have been created were so often accompanied by the writers' deep down intention to achieve a form of self-expression, to voice their opinions on social or political issues or beliefs to the general public. "Catch-22", the renowned American anti-war novel written in 1961, serves the similar purpose. In this novel, the author Joseph Heller employs various kinds of literary techniques, such as satire, surrealism, exaggeration and irony, apart from his brilliantly crafted plots, in order to satirize the corrupted political bureaucracy, the dominant profiteer social capitalism and the tradition of blindly obeying orders among soldiers. Throughout his narration, Heller expresses his disgust towards such social and political attitudes and tradition, with an evidently strong wish to advocate changes to our whole society.To begin with, writing the novel in the military context, the author has put an emphasis in his narration on the corruption and the absurdity of bureaucracy. Two of the most important points the author has highlighted when ridiculing the government institution were the pursuit of power and the blindness of people who stiffly follows the prescript instructions.Firstly, the depiction of the character Colonel Cathcart, a greedy, power-hungry and ambitious officer, serves as a great example to illustrate the deep corruption within the military ruling class. Without a trace of compassion or sympathy towards his men, Colonel Cathcart cares only about his promotion to become a General. He keeps increasing the number of missions of his soldier to keep them flying: "The colonel keeps raising them every time I get close" (174) moans Yossarian, the protagonist of the novel. Apparently the rule of flying mission was only a hideous scheme crafted by the authority, which has no intention to send the soldiers back home at all. Moreover, "Colonel Cathcart had courage and never hesitate to volunteer his men for any target available" (55), just to demonstrate his ability and "loyalty" to the country, without caring to the slightest whether his soldiers are going to come out of those mission alive. His complete ignorance towards human life strongly demonstrates the dehumanization of the absurdly corrupted government institution. War is not about war at all, but about fulfilling the personal interests of those with power. As for the soldiers, they serve as nothing more than chess pieces for the huge power play. The author has thrown a pungent irony through his depiction of the military officers in order to appeal to his reader's attention and...

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1146 words - 5 pages irrelevant, since due to uniqueness of every novel one can hardly formulate a typical main character.However the first condition for the typical hero to come about is the typical setting. For example one needs clearly distinguished good and evil forces, a problem to solve etc. "Catch 22" is not a typical novel - there are no clearly distinguished opposite forces: everybody can be justified - Americans are emancipating the country, Germans

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1691 words - 7 pages themselves as a matter of political affiliation. Why war? Why are all these people trying to kill me ? Questions that many people have asked themselves during times of unrest and conflict. Yossarian, the main character in Joseph Heller's book, Catch-22, asks the same questions. Yossarian's desperate urge to live through the war in Catch-22 is a reflection of what people in war think about, survival. Aircraft are instrumental in modern day warfare

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1561 words - 6 pages "Catch-22" is a novel written by Joseph Heller about the occurrences in an American military base during World War II. The book is a satirical view of the lack of logic in military bureaucracy. This attack on militaristic logic is found in the fact that the superior officers refuse to listen to reason, the fact that the men hate each other more than they hate the enemy, the fact that the superior officers in the book have no respect for the

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4770 words - 19 pages have, of course, had in mind contemporary events as I have written this essay. I have, that is, returned to Catch-22, because present events in the world have revived the sense that wanton destructiveness lies very near the surface of human nature and can break through at any time in any place. In recent public discussions, the author has been heard to say that now is a good time to be old, since it is so hard to maintain hope in the face of the

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1260 words - 5 pages Heller's satiric work, "Catch-22", is full of maddening contradiction. The characters are in a state of war, yet their actions and reactions are not what you'd expect them to be. He uses black humor and satiric catalogues to show us the insanity of war as well as the nonsense of modern day capitalism. Through the many different ways the characters act and conduct themselves, they illustrate the seven deadly sins. In this essay, we will examine


1121 words - 4 pages Milo Minderbinder In the novel, "Catch-22", many characters are described based on the perception of Yossarian, the main character. Yossarian is a flight bombardier in World War II and the novel focuses on his interactions and conflicts with the men and officers in his squadron, the medical staff, and the whores in Rome. One of the men in the Twenty-Seventh Air Force squadron is Milo Minderbinder. Milo is an intelligent, but heartless

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