Catcher In The Rye: "Phony" Colloquialism

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Chapter 13 4/3/14 2:59 P.M.


-Visits Mr. Spencer at his house
-Feels bad for him
-The smell of medicine and the sight of Mr. Spencer depresses him
-Feels annoyed by Mr. Spencer's questions
-Says he's immature but he sometimes acts older than what he really is
-Thinks about where the ducks in the park go during the winter
-Gets up twice to pick up thing Mr. Spencer threw on the floor while aiming for the bad
-Says that telling someone good luck is sort of depressing

-Has a sort of fear of maturity and growing up
-Loses his focus really easily: the world sort of bores him
-Feels unappreciated by others and wants them to pay more attentions to his achievements
-Can make anything sound depressing and lifeless

Chapter 2 4/3/14 2:59 P.M.


-Roommate (Stradlater) is introduced as a senior
-Says that he is dishonest
-Hates when god is used as an excuse
-Feels comfortable in his room
-Talks about a red hunting hat that he bought in NY
-He likes the hunting hat even if it's "corny"

-Not sure how he feels about being such a liar
-Acts in a disrespectful way
-Doesn't like authority figures
-Claims that he doesn't care about how he looks
-Loves to read and English class but he's being kicked out of school of school because of poor grades

Chapter 3 4/3/14 2:59 P.M.


-Watches Stradlater shaves in their adjoining bathroom
-Criticizes him (in his mind) for being a secret snob instead of being out in the open about it
-Mentions Stradlater is a handsome guy
-Doesn't like when people ask for favors
-Holden agrees to write his roommate's English paper for him
-Stradlater is going out on a date with someone called Jane
-Holden knows Jane and asks about her

-Doesn't like "phonies" aka people that keep up appearances to hide who they really are
-Holden shows various signs of jealousy towards Stradlater and the fact that he's the kind of guy that can do everything he can't
-Worries that Jane and Stradlater are going to sleep together

Chapter 4 4/3/14 2:59 P.M.


-They eat steak every Sunday so parents are impressed
-Once again shows hatred towards movies
-Also doesn't like people that laugh at stupid things
-Uncomfortable talking about sex
-Wears the red hunting hat he bought in NY
-Thinks about his dead brother while trying to write the essay
-Baseball mitt with quotes written on it
-Tells the reader about Allie's death and how that is something sad for him
-He broke all the windows in the garage the day that Allie died
-Doesn't remember why

-The school is full of "phonies"
-Always seems to be annoyed or in a bad mood
-Can see right through Ackley and his fake sex stories
-Shows an extreme amoupth of sadness towards what happened with Allie
-Seems nostalgic when describing him as the "happiest person he'd ever known"

Chapter 5 4/3/14 2:59 P.M.


-Starts to think about Jane and Stradlater
-Stardlater is annoyed because Holden didn't write the essay...

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