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In lacans readings we are told that the birth of desire has a series of complex steps that have to take place beforehand. The loss of the real is the first step which later leads to the unconscious, then leads to the symbolic which creates the birth of desire. In novels such as The Hunger games there are a series of events that take places where the reader can witness the birth of desire. The main characters Katnies and peeta both have their own series of events that lead to the birth of some kind of desire. In the story Katnis takes the place of her younger sister to go to the hunger games angling with Peeta. Peeta has always had a crush on Katniss but for some reason Katniss does not like him, and does not share the same feelings.
The first angle of desire to be observed will be the desire to live. Both Katniss and Peeta thought they did not have a chance when going into the hunger games. They were both from district 12 which was the one with the one that was the most in poverty. The people from other districts were actually trained for this prior to the selecting of the participants, especially those who are from the capitol. There first encounter with there with their mentor Haymitch is not pleasant, he is drunk and gives of the impression that they have no chance to make it in these games. Haymitch becomes sick and Peeta offers to take care of him, Katniss tries to help but Peeta insist that he has control of the situation and that she should go rest. At the moment Katniss earns some more respect for Peeta and is quite intrigued by him. Soon after the hunger games began Katniss and Peeta go their separate ways trying to survive. Peeta joins the group of some of the players from the higher district while Katniss is usually alone and with Rue until she dies. When both these characters doubted the chance that would return back home after the hunger games which may be considered the real stage. Once they got to the capitol they were groomed and prepared for the hunger games and gained some kind of confidence in themselves and each other. When they began the hunger games it can be said that they were in the stage of the “unconscious” because the events that would lead to their desire to live come up in this time frame. Needless to say even if anyone did not give them or chance or they did not believe in themselves they still sought to survive.
Later in the novel Katniss finds Peeta camouflaged lying in the mud with an injury in his leg. She goes to help him and becomes very worried that he would die; the sponsors begin to see what they like and provide the necessary remedies for him to be well. They begin to help each other out and ultimately are two of the last three surviving participants; they fight of the third and become the finalist. Peeta tells Katniss to kill him so that she could live but she refuses and comes up with a plan to have them both live. She tells him that they should both eat the poison berries so that they don’t have...

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