Classification Of Dog Personalities Essay

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As the owner of three unique pups, I know that dogs’ variances are numerous. Any one who owns a dog knows that it has a mind of its own, and therefore a unique personality. Having had many dogs throughout my life, I have found that dogs fit into three classifications.
Annie dogs
As princesses of the canine universe, Annie type dogs have a loving yet manipulative personality. An Annie dog assumes the role of queen bee. As leader of the pack, she keeps everybody in line. She dominates all of the other dogs, often by physical herding or malicious growl. Tough the tough façade she has created does not accurately represent her entire personality. There is a bit of a diva atop Annie dogs’ fur, especially when anger causes the hairs of her back to stand on end. But, she is not all diva. To other members of the canine breed, Annie types seem rough and tough, but whenever a familiar human is thrown into the dynamic, Annie dogs know how to suck up. Immediately, rolling over and showing off the pink exposed skin of the belly. They loose their rough edges and show off the sweet puppy that still remains beneath the growling front. Annie dogs become the epitome of loyal, loving pets. Being the lightest sleeper’s in the canine world, Annie types will awake at any noise, exemplifying how they protect familiar humans from creepy and questionable humans. They always come when called, even if it means leaving the hot trail of a chipmunk or bunny rabbit. Annie dogs fulfill the loyal and protective branches of man’s best friend’s quality list.
Winnie dogs
Winnie type dogs exhibit fit, toned, athletic bodies, with strong structured faces, but all of the sophistication given off by this refined appearance goes out the window when they start to move. When excited, wiggling of the tail occurs in such great amounts that it overwhelms the rest of the dog’s body. They literally start to squirm. This excitement epitomizes the carefree nature of Winnie type dogs. Around our house, we refer to these types of dogs as stuck in the teenage years. They have perfect, adult-like bodies, but gawky movements and lighthearted behaviors, which show the kid that still resides in them. Winnie types are unpredictable sleepers, needing to find the perfect position (often achieved by circling multiple times over all of the papers you are working on just to get as close to you as possible before falling asleep), needing to be untouched, and needing near silence to fall asleep. However in contrast to the Annie type dogs, Winnie dogs can sleep through it all (that is after ruining all of your homework and falling asleep so close to you that you cannot manage to move your elbow enough to even rewrite...

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