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Cathedral, A Story Review

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Have you ever closed your eyes and envisioned a world of nothing? Have you ever stopped and pondered what it would be like to have never seen the sunrise, fireworks or even your own face? For many, the answer is yes, but for even more the answer is no. People seldom take the time to understand and appreciate the uniqueness that each of us possesses. For this reason, people are often uneducated about those individuals who live with various disabilities on a daily basis. Society has become so accustomed to turning a cold shoulder to those members who are less fortunate by no fault of their own and now this cruel behavior of discrimination is somewhat the norm in the world today. In the short story, Cathedral, by Raymond Carver, a man named Bub comes to understand the importance of being a better person through a blind man named Robert.

The story begins with the narrator, Bub, explaining that the blind man, Robert, will be coming to stay with him and his wife for the night. Robert is Bub's wife's ex-employer and Robert is also one of her dear friends. It is evident from the first line of Cathedral that Bub is very skeptical of "this blind man", as he calls him. Robert has come to town because his wife has passed away and he needs somewhere to stay for the night. Bub is extremely apprehensive about Robert being in his house. Bub is not only uneasy about the man because he is a stranger but more so that he is blind.

Bub's wife had read for Robert ten years prior to the visit and the two had kept in touch by sending videos to each other. Bub's wife, however, does not share in his discrimination of blind people. She felt that working for Robert was something extraordinarily meaningful that had happened in her life.

Although Robert has just lost his wife, this is no excuse for Bub to show any courtesy to the man; after all he is a stranger. He even jokes with his wife about taking the man bowling. Bub finds it hard to believe that a woman, Beulah, Robert's wife, would want to marry a blind man. Bub is convinced that Beulah must have had a calamitous life with the blind man. Bub is so exhausted with...

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