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On Sunday April 13th, I went to Cathedral Basilica, which is a Roman Catholic Church that is located in Saint Louis, MO. The Church was begun in 1907. The design of the place is really attractive, also because there are only two Cathedral Basilicas in the US and this is one of them, that made me get more excited about my visit. The outside look of the church is what make me wanting to go to this church instead of others, specially when my instructor suggest it for me. In this paper, I am going to describe the place I have visited, and share my experience over there.
In 1914 the Cathedral Basilica was built. The design of the church is awesome, which attract people attention. The place is ...view middle of the document...

Whenever I got inside, I got amaze by all the color goes around the place and the lights and how each paint give a sign for something. We asked a visiter adviser who was standing by door about what should we do, and he told us to sit wherever we want and attend the Mass and if we want to have a tour after we can. Therefore, we went and stayed in the Central Dome. Whenever I got my place, I started look so carefully for people reaction even before the Mass starts. The thing i found is i saw so many people before the get into their cheers they kind of staying their knee and make a pray and then they have a seat. When the Mass started, I notes that people are not allowed to move around while the Mass is going on. Whenever the Mass started, the quite of people appear, and people were feeling peace and pleased which is good feeling. Mass starts with a song, and I saw people holding a paper and kind of singing with the person in the front, so their voice was kind of the background of the place.
People every now and so were standing up and reading with people who were in the front praying and reading the bible i believe. And sometimes i see people go sit on their knee for a minute or so, which I found out later on it was of the praying. During the warship something weird happened, which is a lady were sitting near by my place, she was on her knee praying as others, but when they stand up again, she did not move, and then I looked at her she could not move, so I was going to go tell somebody in the back but the lady behind her notes that and went to help her. I thought since she got sick or tired it will get a little bit of nosy in the place, but I saw the adviser people who were in the back took this station so nicely without letting all people see what is going on. The Mass almost took 50 minutes to an hour of warship. In the end of the Mass, people were getting into a line and go to the front to the people who were serving and reading front of the people. And they were giving people something to drink and i think a peace of bread but I am not totally sure because I did not walk over there.
Catholic Churches have something special which is not present in other churches and that is the confession booth. I notes that when people make a sin, they come to this confession booth and ask for forgiveness from the almighty. I think whenever people opened up their sin from of God, they would feel light and satisfied. As what i saw of people coming to the church for worship because of the holy environment they are looking for. It is place for God for them, so that is going people to get motivated to pray and ask for...

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