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According to the Boston Globe, less than two percent of Catholics attend confession regularly. When was the last time you attended confession? Good morning Ms. Cassels and class, today I will be discussing throughout this presentation, confession according to the Catholic Church and confession according to the online alternatives, such as: Confession: A Roman Catholic App for iPad’s and iPhones; and the importance of this ritual for all Catholics. The online alternatives to Catholic Confession will never be able to take the place of the traditional Sacrament of Penance.

Firstly, we must establish what a ritual is. A ritual is the performance of traditional ceremonial acts. Rituals can be a ...view middle of the document...

People confess their sins and express their sorrow while promising not to sin again. Confessing our sins to a priest is the preparation for the climax of the ritual. While granting forgiveness in the name of God, a priest will ask a penance of the person. This could be reciting an extra prayer or doing something to make up for sins. By confessing our sins honestly and humbly, the Lord, forgives them all whether they are great or small. The Act of Contrition is said to express sorrow for sinning against God and to wind down the ritual. And then finally, before returning to the ordinary, participants receive absolution. It is emphasised in reconciliation to make right one’s relationship with other people and with God. Confession is the first act of repentance from what can sometimes be a lifetime of sins. Confession in the Catholic Church is viewed as one of the most important and significant rituals. Catholic Confession is also viewed as a blessing, because a priest is able to listen and give guidance to our path of life.

In modern day life, with technology at our fingertips, the sacrament of confession can now be performed online in the form of an iPhone app. In the App store, Confession: A Roman Catholic App is available for $1.87. The app is designed to be used while in Confession as an aid while confessing sins. The app is personalised for every user, by gender, age, and marriage status. This app encourages Catholics to prepare or participate in the Rite of Penance. The app has step-by-step instructions and a guide to confession. The app begins by creating a customised examination of conscience, dependent on your age and marriage status. Then the user chooses through the commandments, after this the user is to choose how many times they have committed certain sins. Then the app takes the user through confession and asks the user to pray for their sins and say an Act of Contrition. It is made clear throughout the use of the online app that it is to be used during the Sacrament of Penance not as a substitute for a valid confession. There are mixed opinions as to whether the online apps are a valid source of Confession. Father Edward Beck from New York, likes the use of the app because it is a way of assisting young, technology craved people to participate in Catholic rituals and confessing their sins. Although, many priests are not approving of the online alternatives for Confession as they believe that such rituals should be done in person and not online. In 2011, the app evoked the disapproval of the Vatican because the app cannot be a replacement for an actual priest. Although, there are few advantages by using the Confession app: the app assists Catholics in determining what sins have been committed; the app prepares the user for confession; the app is anonymous and the app is more appealing to young people.
Confession and the Roman Catholic Confession App have some similarities and many differences. The Sacrament of Penance and the...

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