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Catholic Social JusticeTerm PaperAn issue that is of great moral concern is poverty. There are people in the United States and many other developed countries that are affluent and are provided with better education, resources, and luxuries. However, in the less developed countries there are not enough resources, not enough medical aid, poor or no schools at all, many people are starving and homeless. Where as many of the developed countries have a free education and have a higher literacy rate than the poor underdeveloped countries. According to natural law everyone has a right to acquire knowledge (The Westminster Dictionary of Christian Ethics). Now is it moral for one to be able to acquire greater knowledge over another? God has "created humans with enough intelligence that they can use their reason to observe the natural world and make reliable judgments about God's purposes and how our behavior cooperate with God's plan." (The Sources and Methods of Catholic Social Teaching)Everyone has the right to an education, food, good health and shelter. Everyone should be able to receive equal opportunities to all of the above. One of the problems with our society is the inequality and the class system. This of course is not a new phenomenon. According to Massaro in the Catholic Church the popes "noticed a huge gap between God's intentions for the world… and the actual state of affairs in the modern industrial world (millions starving while only a few enjoyed luxuries" (The sources of Methods of Catholic Social Teaching) went against natural law. The United States and other first world countries have extra resources and luxuries while the third world countries are deprived of books, food, fair wages and proper medical attention, is unethical and immoral.Everyone has the right to an equal education. No child should be denied school supplies or access to modern technology. By denying people the basic necessities to progress in society will cause corruption. This is the reason for many of the crimes and evils that are in those countries. Not giving people a means to better themselves is a social ill which in turn is morally wrong.Consequently, unequal education and poverty is wrong and unethical. It causes corruption and because it is against natural law. Natural law is the source of moral wisdom as it is related to God (Catholic Social Teaching). Thus God does not teach us to be unjust. He is our creator He gave us rules and all the rules are basic for us to understand. The Creator knows His creation best. God teaches us through the Bible to do unto others as you would do unto yourself. So inequality goes against that basic belief. We know that we must be just and natural law teaches us to go by our natural understanding of right and wrong.Providing the poor with basic social services and infrastructure would in many cases alleviate poverty to a greater extent than simply a rise in income level. (Measuring Global Poverty, par. 2)According to...

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