Catholic Sexual Abuse Scandals Essay

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If you are a Christian who is deeply rooted in your faith, when something negative happens to you, one of the first thing that you do is turn to your spiritual adviser for guidance and counseling. The guidance offered by your spiritual advisor will help you get through the difficult time of physiological, physical and spiritual damage. Priests and parishioners are both damaged in the Catholic sexual abuse scandals. Often the media will focus on what happens to the priests at the end of their trials. However, an equally important consideration is what happens to the abused parishioners. Where do they go to seek help and how do they heal?
The media is instrumental in influencing how we react to different situations. During the proliferation of sexual abuse cases, the media primarily highlighted the aftermath of the abuser. The media rarely seemed to revisit how the abused could be helped to overcome all aspects of their trauma, after going through such an ordeal.
The question is raised, will a person who is strong in his or her faith lose faith after having been molested my a church leader? It is hard for people to hold on to their faith when their very own advisor has abused and deceived them. The healing process can be strenuous and lengthy for them. Nevertheless if they hold on to God’s promises of healing and restoration then their faith will be resorted and they will be healed. As it says in the book of Psalms “For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime; weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning” (Psalms 30:5).

The safest solution for the victims of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church is to defrock any priest who has been found guilty of child sexual misconduct to a parishioner. The Reverend, Stephen J. Rossetti president of St. Luke Institute in Silver Spring, Maryland states that. “The Catholic Church has been grossly negligent by continuing to shuffle such priests from parish to parish, where they re-offend” (Stephen J. Rossetti). Many catholic officials agree moving the accused priest is not solving the problem just spreading it.
Yes it is true that the Archdiocese of the many affected areas made a grievous error in reassigning priest to a parish after they had became known as a child molester. Under any circumstances there was no excuse for such an irrational action. For any priest who sexually molests a minor or any parishioner should never be returned to parish ministry or especially any ministry involving contact with minors. However there have been very few catholic sexual abuse cases of such actions in the last ten years. Even in the city of Boston, almost all of the priests with substantial evidence of child sexual misconduct were either forced into early retirement, defrocked from priesthood, or placed in other entities of the church that does not in involve being around minors.
Nevertheless this raises an even more challenging...

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