Catholic Teacher Gets Fired Due To Marriage

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In Catholic belief, “marriage is faithful, exclusive and lifelong union between one man and one woman, joined as husband and wife in intimate partnership of life and love.” With this being said, can a Catholic school fire a teacher because he obtained a gay marriage license? Another question to pose is, is it against his right as an employee to lose his job because of his choice in marriage or did he break the contract with the school? My personal opinion is, the teacher knowingly accepted his position to teach in a Catholic school and also knew their religious values and rules, knowing this he broke the contract with the school.
Micheal Griffen lives in New Jersey, New Jersey was the 14th state to recognize gay marriage. The right was passed this October. As of June 5th, 2013, there are 594,391 gay couples and 55% of Americans strongly favor gay marriage. According to the New York Post, Father James McCloskely head master said, “The faculty at Catholic schools must require to follow all the Catholic commandments”. The Catholic schools stance is that knowing this upon hire, that this teacher broke his contract and thus emanating to his firing. According to the catholic school teacher contract from March 2011, it states “ a teacher may be discharged and causes for such termination or discharged may include; gross immoral behavior not consistent with the moral teaching of the Roman Catholic church (as fully described in the Governance No. 36 which is specially adopted by reference); violation of any provision of this contract or any local school or policy procedure, action which will cause revocation of the teacher corticated to teach any other ground which in the good faith determination.” Teachers like any other profession have many responsibilities. An athlete for example not only has to play well on the court or field but also has to represent the team he is working for and show good sportsmanship and a role model for others. Being a teacher holds the same responsibilities. By teaching at the Catholic school the teacher is there to mold minds but also to be a role model supporting the catholic ways and faith.
The Catholic Church believes that a union between a man and woman is the only form of marriage. With this belief gives them the position and right to terminate an employee. Some may say that it's against the teachers right and is...

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