Catholic View On The Creation And Fall

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Meaning to examine the Catholic perspective of Creation and of Adam's Fall into sin, I will be looking to summarize Joseph Ratzinger's (later Pope Benedict XVI) view of Creation and also his view of the Fall. I will also evaluate how Ratzinger refutes the literalist view of Creation and the rationalist view of Creation. This essay will also include my specific opinion on whether or not I agree with Ratzinger's view on Creation and the Fall. Firstly, we cannot gain a scientific understanding about creation and how the world came to be from the Bible, we can strictly only gain a religious experience from the Bible. The Bible was written in a way so Christians in antiquity could understand the Word of God and therefore we cannot take the form of the Creation story and confuse the content within itFrom a Catholic perspective, explained by Ratzinger, all creation comes God, specifically his eternal Reason which is the power of Creation. The Creation narrative speaks of a creating Intelligence that was present at the beginning and will be there at the end. "The universe is not a product of darkness. It comes from intelligence, freedom, and from the beauty that is identical with"1. The universe was not created out of a demonic war and we were not created as a result of the struggle of a pantheon of gods. God created the universe from freedom and love, for it is the creation of His word. "We are all one humanity, formed from God's one earth", this quote of Ratzinger's tells us what he thinks is at the heart of the Creation account and the Bible. Taking this view into consideration, there are no grounds for human division or human superiority because we are all one creation; each human being is made by God, known by Him and loved by Him. [0: Joseph Ratzinger, 'In the Beginning…' A Catholic Understanding of the Story of Creation and the Fall, trans. Boniface Ramsey (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans,1995) 44]By talking about the Fall, we are talking about Adam's fall from grace and into sin (original sin), when he disobeyed God (choosing natural life over supernatural life) and ate the forbidden fruit. We are born with original sin, and all human beings are marked with original sin. "To be truly human means to be related in love ", humans are related in love with God and sin is the damaging of an individuals relationship with God. Sin damages our relationships with others in which only God's love can purify the damaged relationship. Sin is not meant to make humanity undesirable but it leads us to the truth, which is that Jesus Christ saved us (we cannot save ourselves and when we think that we can, we think of ourselves as God).[1: Ratzinger, 'In the Beginning…' A Catholic Understanding of the Story of Creation and the Fall, trans. Boniface Ramsey (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1995) 72]The idea of literalism confuses the two ideas of form and content, in which a literalists interpret the content from the Bible in ways that the Bible did not actually...

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