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The play the Caucasian chalk circle was written by Bertolt Brecht. The play begins with a fight over a valley; it is between two families of peasants. The land eventually goes to the family that will use the land better. The peasants then as them to tell the story of the Caucasian chalk circle. This play actually follows two story’s that come together in the end. In the end boy stories fall around a little boy named Michael being fought over by his biological mother that left him and his adoptive mother. In the concluding song, the singer identifies the plays main theme: “that what there is shall go to those who are good for it.”(pg.99) this theme is supported by 3 main examples which the singer argues. Children should go to the motherly, carts should go to good drivers, and the valley should go to the waters.
In the play the singer argues that children should go to the motherly. This is present while baby Michael is to choose between his biological mother and his adoptive mother. After he is put into the chalk circle and the ladies fight over him. His adoptive mother quits so she doesn’t hurt him. “I brought him up! Shall I also tear him to bits? I can’t! Azdak: and in this manner the court has determined the true mother.”(pg.98) she is then awarded Michael because she is the better mother. This reinforces the plays theme because the judge could see that Grusha was the person who had Michael’s wellbeing in mind. He realized that she was good for it, meaning she had what it took to be a true mother, the love and compassion to care more for this child rather than to worry about her own wants and needs. He could see her true love for the boy and he knew that she was worthy of being the child’s mother. He knew that she would be a good mother and look after Michael no matter what it cost her personally, whether it was a financial hardship or that she may end up sacrificing things in her lifetime because she chose to bring up this child as her own. The play uses this example to reinforce the play’s central theme by showing that the Judge believes that it is more important for this child to go to a worthy person and the woman that is a true mother to Michael in her heart.
The singer also argues that the carts should go to good drivers. The singer talks about how the governor gets rich and powerful over his hard workers, just because it has been this way for so long does not mean it will stay this way forever “oh blindness of the great! They go their way like gods, great over bent backs, sure hired fists, thrusting power which has lasted so long. But long is not forever. O change from age to age! Thou hope of the people!”(pg.20). This reinforces the theme by showing that the household will go over to who is better, that being the servants. The song is using a simile by comparing the carts to the houses that are owned by the rich, but run by the poor. The singer is saying that perhaps the house should be given to the people that run it...

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