Caught In The Crossfire: The 2nd Amendment, Ownership, And Concealed Carry

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In the 20th century, governments around the world murdered over one hundred seventy million of their own people after they denied citizens the right to the ownership of guns (Macy, 2012). Now, we live in a country where there are a myriad of parties that each support different aspects of gun ownership and gun control. Those who are pro-ownership want citizens to be allowed to own guns. Those who are pro-carry agree and state that citizens should also be allowed to carry concealed weapons. Those who are pro-ban oppose both of the other parties and believe that citizens should be denied ownership of a firearm. This is conceived from an idea of false security and is completely nonsensical. Any and all American citizens, who meet basic requirements, should be allowed to purchase, possess, carry, and conceal a firearm if they so choose. The constitution of the United States supports this argument.
The second amendment to the United States Constitution asserts, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This amendment can be interpreted in a variety of ways, but no matter how it is interpreted, there is no denial that the constitution declares that the right to own a gun shall not be infringed. The authors of this document, which creates the whole foundation of American society, realized that this is an important right that would one day need defending. That day has come and unfortunately citizens must defend their right to bear arms to their own government and fellow citizens. In order to do so, citizens need to point out that guns have various purposes and there are multiple reasons for ownership.
While firearms are sometimes used in violent crimes, most of the time they are used for protection or recreation. In fact, guns are used eighty times more often to prevent crime than they are to commit crime (Snyder, 2013). According to Tim Schmidt of the United States Concealed Carry Association, “Any honest cop will tell you that most of the time, when they are called for help, they arrive after the danger has passed,” (2012). Innocent people, just like you, use guns to defend themselves in situations where the police will not arrive in time. Carrying a gun allows citizens to ensure the safety of themselves, their family, and anyone they see in daily passing. The reality is, criminals don’t want to be shot and will avoid it in any way they can. If a criminal believes that their victims may be armed, they are much less likely to attack. The ownership of guns by a country’s citizens also guarantees that the government cannot commit such atrocities as Hitler. Had every citizen in Germany owned a gun, the genocide of millions could have been easily prevented. In the event of a foreign invasion, citizens would be able to defend themselves and aid the military in defending United States soil. Additionally, numerous Americans enjoy firing guns in a...

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