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Causal Analysis: A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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In the Flannery O'Connor story “A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” the author introduces us the grandmother’s characteristics in the beginning. The grandmother thinks she is superior to everyone else because she is a “lady." She judges others and criticized Bailey wife because she believes the mother doesn't take the children somewhere abroad. She is dishonest, dissimulation, and selfish. The Misfit appears at the end of the story. He is showing that he doesn't care about anything or believes in Christ or religious matter. The grandmother tries to influence him that he can be a good person. The grandmother is a contributing factor that tries to show the Misfit that he can be a good man. The grandmother was in fault of being selfish. The moral of the story represents that the grandmother was reaching out for the Misfit. The Misfit finds the meanness of being Christ in sense, was the grandmother believed at the end her life was spared? Two characters collide that makes things real to them and leading to the grandmother death.
The grandmother brought the family somewhere that caused their demise. The grandmother is a sneaky person because she took the cat with her when her son told her not too. It was her fault that making the kids to believe there was a treasure at the house she wanted to visit. She knew Baily her son will take her where she wanted if she influenced the kids first. Her cat jumps from the back seat to Bailys lap causing the car to broke down. When the grandmother realizes that the house she was thinking about wasn't in Florida but in Tennessee. She doesn't comment on making the mistake. After she sees a car coming she asks for them help. She also notes that the man looks familiar, and then yells out to Baily that he is the Misfit. She would have kept her mouth shut, but in that moment in the story we can guess what’s going happen. "The grandmother recognizes him as one of her own children because she suddenly realizes that her superficial commitment to good has been meaningless because she lived without faith, that is to say without Christ” (Dowell 236). In this quote, she realizes her attitude was bad when she was with her family, and since they died she realizes she didn’t stand in good faith.
The Misfit thinks it meanness to believe in Christ because there was nothing for him. In Flannery O’Connor stories writes about religious matters to her characters. Like the Misfit he lacks believe of religious, but the other hand the grandmother tries to make him believe the sense of it. “Thus, Miss O'Connor's fiction is primarily concerned with man's life-and-death spiritual struggle” (Dowell 236). The Misfit tells his story why he became a killer to the grandmother. He struggled with his life where the point he just became a criminal. When he killed the grandmother he had self-insures. He felt sorry for the grandmother that she ended up that way at the end. “Because he cannot believe, the Misfit commits himself to evil” (236). She doesn’t...

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