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5 September 2017
Effect of Social Media on Family Relationships
Have you ever taken a quick look around and thought about how much the world has changed? The world is in continuous change and if you ever just stop for a moment you would most likely realize how much things have changed in just the course of a couple decades. It is rather quite amazing to think that not that long ago our only source of communication was through sending a letter on horseback or dialing someone on the telephone. Now the possibilities are endless with hundreds of ways to get in to contact with people all over the world in just the click of a button. Back then, social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat did not even exist, but people now cannot seem to live without them. Checking the latest posts every five minutes and not going a day without using social media seems unreal to even think about. Although social media has come a long way, have you ever thought about the effects social media can have on your family relationships? Social media can have both positive and negative effects on family relationships that can last a life time.
The recent topic of social media effecting family relationships in a positive way is very controversial. Many people seem to think that social media is only a negative influence towards the family unit, however, recent studies have shown otherwise. One study comes to conclude that by joining together as a family unit in this new technological advancement we can become closer together. In addition, one parent found that as he developed a greater understanding for the use of technology he became closer to his kids by just simply playing an online game with them. For example, the same study states “The benefit seems to lie in doing something together, even if the activity itself seems somewhat pointless to us as parents (Howell).” The point is that although it may not seem like much, social media can bring families together by encouraging them to spend more time with each other. Social media allows families to share a common interest like playing a game online or just taking the time to build relationships.
Another positive effect of social media on the family unit is that it is an effective way of communication. For example, another study stated, “It can help members keep track of schedules, location, and a sense of security between members that parents and/or children can be reached immediately if needed (Ekern).” In other words, social media brings us closer together as a family by providing new and more effective ways of staying in touch and reaching each other in the case of an emergency or just on a regular day to day basis. Some people may say that the effects of social media on family relationships causes a lack of communication but, it is just the opposite. Social media has and will continue to develop greater communication in the family unit, and as this happens...

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