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Causal Argument About Procrastination College Composition Essay

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Have you ever waited for the last minute to do an essay or study for a test? This is called procrastination and it is one of the worst habits to have in college. There are so many things today that can keep you from focusing on the work that needs to get done. Technology has made it very difficult to stay focused on things like school and work. Social media is all around us and it hard to put it down and focus on something that will help you succeed in school. Procrastination hinders you in your ability to turn in your assignment to the best of your ability. When someone procrastinates they wait to work on their essay Your work also does not have the same quality when you rush. In today’s society, procrastination in college students is the main cause of poor and failing grades in college courses.
First, Procrastination is caused by all the distractions in our everyday lives. There are too many things that can distract a student from working on school assignments. Social media is a big factor when it comes to distractions. Social media is endless and is a huge waste of time when you need to be doing something productive. Along with all of the various texts emails and other notifications you receive on your phone it becomes very distracting. There was a study where 14 people in a workplace were their productivity was studied for 3 days to find out how they spend their time while working. The study was attempting to see how much time is spent on distractions like phone or email. The study found that “office workers changed tasks 12.5 times per hour and had a resumption lag of roughly 7 minutes” (Rosen 2). This quote shows that the we are unable to stay focused on a task at the work place for more than 13 minutes. A resumption lag is the amount of time it takes for someone to go back to the initial task after changing tasks. This means on average it took 7 minutes for workers to continuing their original task after checking their phone/email. A similar study was done on undergrad students and the results where the same. The tendency to check you phone or email has become almost instinct in society. This has caused attention spans to become shorter and shorter. It is so easy to put down the homework and pick up your phone and just start scrolling without actually realizing how much time that you are throwing away.
Another problem is, some students try to avoid procrastination by multitasking. However, Multitasking is often worse than taking a break from doing work. This is because when you decide to try and do multiple things while working on an assignment or studying you are focused on two separate things and that causes you to put less effort into the work that needs to get done. If you take a break from school work instead for a little bit and come back and focus on nothing but the assignment you will do much better. When talking about multitasking in students, Bowman writes “modern researchers of attention have agreed...

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