Causal Correlational Relationship With Enrollment In Higher Education With The First African American Presidency

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African Americans enrollment and completion in higher education averaged extremely lower to other ethnic backgrounds and income levels. College completion for African Americans forty-two percent compared to Caucasian Americans consistently ranking above the fifty percent has been an ongoing concern for decades. The qualitative characteristics of higher education institution play a strong role in retention and graduation rates. Academia sets the stage for corporate America definition of social and economics facets for all. The socioeconomic fabric all strive for in the land where dreams are possible.
The challenge begins with the successful role models, family support and affordability for African Americans. Even with strong support for African American students the enrollee must be driven to consider higher education obtainable. The offices of the President in the United States of American have all been Caucasian American until recently. The election of President Obama, small feat for equality supports obtainable education for those that mirror his visual ethnicity. The ethnicity of the White House has rebranded the visibility of college.
Statement of the Problem
The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of higher education enrollment by African American students after President Barack Obama. Moreover, the effects on enrollment on low income and first generation college enrollees.
Hypothesis: Low income minority student enrollment increased during Barack Obama’s presidency during 2009 to 2013
Null Hypothesis: No change to low income minority student enrollment during Barack Obama’s presidency during 2009 to 2013
P= Low Income minorities
X = President Obama
Y = Increase of higher education enrollment
The test construct will sample behaviors from a Causal Comparative – Ex Post Facto research design. This population will be placed in two different comparison groups were the Independent Variable is not manipulated and not randomly selected. Category 1 is low income, first generation college students enrolling after the year 2008 with an equally represented population of males and females. Category 2 is middle class income, first generation college students enrolling after the year 2008 with an equally represented population of males and females. The test will ask each participant with the following categories (i.e. Male, Female, First Generation, Low Income, Middle Income, Financial Aid, and/No Aid). The dependent variable will show how the data was analyzed using a t-test.
Review of Related Material
Using internet research tools Vroosh, Excite, and Google to identify literature for review. I searched using keywords low income and first generation college students. Overall, the articles provided similar background information. However, the Chronicle of Higher Education article “Think of First Generation Students as Pioneers, Not Problems covered the meaning within the hypothesis. The...

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