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Causation Of Civil War Essay

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Kevin Joseph04/18/13Br. John VietorisCivil War and ReconstructionInevitability and Causation of The American Civil WarThe Civil War was one of the major missteps that America has taken in its history. Usually when a country wins a war there is a feeling of triumph and a sense of nationalism flocks the country. The country that wins the war has a high feeling of morale defeating the other country and it makes a case of being a bigger power in the world. This was not the case during the Civil War in which America was fighting against America. This war would not pull America up as a major world power if either side won. Could this horrific war have been avoided or was it inevitable? In this paper an analysis is taking by different historians on if the Civil War could have been averted or if that it was irrepressible. These articles will be analyzed, compared, and contrasted on the question of whether the Civil War was inevitable. The second part of the paper deals with what caused the Civil War. Historians are divided into three schools of thought: a political school, economic-social school, and cultural-ideological factors that caused the American Civil War. These schools of thought will be compared and contrasted within each school and between the three schools of thought. Finally what mainly caused the Civil War will be given.The Civil War Historians Charles and Mary Beard, talk about how the Civil War was an irrepressible conflict mainly due to the economic differences between the North and the South. The North as a majority was full of growing and prosperous industries while the South was mostly an agrarian society. The North and South faced the problem of being two completely different regions making up one country. Beard talks about how the North's economy was filled with the growth of industry, the spread of railways, and the spread of immigration. The system of the North was built upon "free labor". The South, however, had its economic foundation on southern aristocracy, which went against the capitalistic ideas of the North. The South's economy was very dependent on the labor of slaves, which went against the capitalistic ways of "free labor" in the North. Both of these regions wanted to show the power of their economies and control of government thought the Senate. The Civil War was bound to happen because of the conflicting economic lifestyles between the North and the South. [1: Charles and Mary Beard, Approach of the Irrepressible Conflict in Michael Perman (ed.), The Coming of the American Civil War, Third Edition, (Massachusetts: D.C. Heath, 1993), 26. ][2: Ibid.][3: Ibid., 28.]The historian Frank L. Owsley differs from the point of view of Beard; he believes the war inevitable because of the differences between social structure and cultural values concerning the North and the South. Both Owsley and the Beards believed that the conflict was between two very diverse societies, the South a very agrarian society and the North a much...

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